Representative Sample


Ladies, gentlemen, and sentient beings!
So the name of this video is "What South Koreans Think Of America"
Do you think the people interviewed constitute a representative sample?
Is this really what all of South Korea thinks about America?
How do you react to some of the things that were said?
Please keep your responses between 400-500 words because of arbitrary rules.
Ready? Begin! :smiley:


Depends on the scale of the question you’re trying to answer.

In this case, grabbing a handful of Koreans off the streets of what I assume is Seoul is most likely not a representative sample.

Eh, at least these people are polite when they answer about it, and that’s what make these sorts of vids a guilty pleasure of mine.


“What’s the difference between Korean girls and American girls?”

“Pelvis size.”




There is nothing like a representative sample, and that statement has nothing to do with the number of people interviewed. Even if the producers of this clip had interviewed 100 or a 1000 or 10000 times the number of people. They’re all in the same city…probably on the same block. If you wanted to get the cross section of the opinions of an entire nation you might need to actually go to some other parts of that nation.

Even worse than that though is shoving a camera and a microphone into someone’s face without warning is perhaps the worst way to get their honest opinion about anything. Between that and the editing process I don’t think you could confidently say that the opinions expressed in this clip are even honest opinions of the people in the clip.


You’d have to interview everyone in South Korea to get a good representation of how Koreans feel about America, big titles like “How Koreans feel about America” is clickbait because almost 100% of the time the person interviewing is only interviewing a small group of people.

A sample of people represents absolutely nothing, from this video it seems the opinions of these people are moderate and not to condescending but titles like that are always biased to get viewers and never really shows exactly how Korea sees it’s ally.