Reports from Philomena (58K words, Now with a Tumblr blog!) Updated: August 29, 2018



Thank you so much!!! I’m done with the writing and just gotta code now!!


First, thank you so much for the ungodly amount of customizations like–it’s crazy?? But I applaud you for the effort! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و The coding must be a nightmare.

I really enjoyed the demo so far, the premise you set up is interesting. I have a soft spot for agent type stories, going undercover and all that so this is right up my alley.

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for updates! Keep up the good work♪


Just played the game, and I thought it was really funny when 684 was surprised over that we knew what they wrote on the napkin lmao. I’m curious, what made you write it?


I love my code name.


@aemeh: I’m so happy you like the customization!! And we kinda have a joke about the code, where we refer to it as “the hell code” lmao. And I’m glad you’re keeping an eye out!! I’m gonna update soon so hopefully, you’ll enjoy that :smile:

@snowyowl: It was @Fiogan’s absolutely genius idea! I was struggling to name things and Fio suggested I use Arabic as a base, and thus I decided to mess with everyone and see how many people get fooled :innocent:

Also, T684 is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns!

@Hazel: !!! I love your code name too!!


Oh sorry, my bad! Just changed it :smile:


legasp I’m excited for the update now!! It did end in a cliffhanger :joy:

Sorry if I’m poking and prodding but I was just wondering where did you get the inspiration from? :slightly_smiling_face: Because the setup really reminds me of the Imperial Agent class from Star Wars the Old Republic (which is my fave class btw breathes)

I find the drink system neat too! I myself am not a drinker, but the suggestions for drink combinations all sounded very tasty :joy: Which leads me to wonder what if the MC doesn’t drink? I mean, I guess you don’t have to just because you’re a bartender but I keep imagining a scenario where the MC needs to get information from someone, gives them a lot of booze, drinks to avoid suspicion, ends up all wasted. Chaos ensues. :laughing: Not the best person for the job, haha!


Poke and prod away, friendo! And I actually did play SWTOR! Finished the Imperial Agent route a while back and it’s still my fave class :smiley: But the idea for Philo was already done by the time I started playing so it wasn’t really the inspiration.

And tbh I don’t really think there was any particular inspiration for Philomena. I had a half baked idea for a dating sim with a bartender MC for a while, and I had another Sci-Fi setting I’ve been working on, so mushed the two together and ended up with this thing.

And I’m not a drinker either, I’m an 18 year old whose religion doesn’t allow alcohol :V And there is definitely an option to not drink, people are gonna question it if you mention it, but let it slide for the most part. And tbh there is no such thing as a good person for this job. Philo is a mess and so is the entire cast.


Oh my gosh another person who plays swtor squeals!! :heart_eyes: Sorry got a little excited there;; orz The Agent is near and dear to my heart?? And you basically merged together two of my favorite genres (dating sim and sci-fi) /crais/ Although I have more bias for romance :wink:

Which leads me to think about the reveal to the ROs! Unintentionally, I would think? My MC changed everything as she possibly could causeshetakesherjobsrsly and just maaaaybe forgot to put on her contacts one day :eyes::eyes: And saves the day by saying her real eye color are the contacts instead! So… confusing… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I play SWTOR as well. The only MMORPG I can play and enjoy honestly. Probably because the cutscenes are fully voiced and actually seem important. And the missions are more varied.


Ohhh, I know what you mean! To be honest, that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t get into the Elder Scrolls Online and other MMOs out there. Bioware spoiled me. :kissing:


@Leem I just read this WIP and let me say that this is amazing and that cliffhanger
and let me say you got me interested ( but why end it there though. why you HAVE to end it when it was getting good :laughing: ) anyways if you don’t mind may I ask you a question : how many ROs are there in this game? will the guy in the metal arm help us?? Will he be the RO???
Is he the same person we’re supposed to capture??? Why did he help us? ??? What’s his backstory???

I’m talking way too much :laughing: and let me say that I love your writing style. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one and good luck with writing it :blush:


You may have played SWTOR, but what about KOTOR?


Nope, no KOTOR. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. I just enjoy SWTOR because it’s objectively a really good MMORPG


True, the only people that would play KOTOR are people ok with Dungeons and Dragons style video games and Star Wars fans.


KotOR I and II are amazing games… for their time. And KotOR II is better with the mod that adds the deleted parts of the game.


@aemeh: I’m not an MMO person at all. The only reason I played SWTOR is for Bioware storytelling. Though I do own ESO, only cause we still don’t have TES6 :V

@Jess1973: I’m glad you like my story and writing!! And I’m fond of cliffhangers when I’m not the one reading lmao. And to answer your questions:





There, there. Next update should answer most of those questions. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Okay… I can wait