Reports from Philomena (55K words, Prologue complete!) Last Update: July 17, 2018



yea, i don’t really like intense sci-fi content with heavy action. I like softer and meaningful types like transcendence. Yea, im looking forward to cyberpunk too. :heart_eyes: Oh, speaking of games actually have you played cardinal cross? -> it’s a visual novel. When i played this game i got the same vibes. I love both so much.


Please enjoy your stay in my pungeon (:<

Also, so I don’t just pun all day, questions about the game: how much of an impact on the story will being in disguise have? And will age impact certain stuff or is just cosmetic?


Exactly what i was thinking while reading that i was like i just bought this place!

Plus you gave a choice to have a bionic arm that was +10 in my books.


@Elsee: I haven’t played Cardinal Cross yet, but I’ve been watching it for a while and waiting for the full release! And same on the heavy action thing. I don’t mind some action here and there but I love RPGs for the story and developing a character and their relationships, so that’s like 90% of this book. And if you’re talking about Cyberpunk 2077 just know that I fell in love with the trailer at first sight and that I am hyped.

@Jeju: Well first of all, :V

Second, I try very hard to make sure all your choices come back up again and that nothing is 100% cosmetic. Like there’s dialogue referencing how you chose to decorate your office at a later point in the story, T684 remembers if you accepted the coffee they gave you, dialogue changes and your tattoos and cybernetics get mentioned. I want every choice the player makes to feel like it has an impact and make the world feel a bit more alive, you know?

@Crow: Better cough up credits for the repairs lmao :money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: And right now the only option available is prosthetics. They don’t give you special abilities or anything and they’re just like how they are in the real world. I am going to add cybernetics soon though. That give you bonuses and new dialogue and problem-solving options.


Ohh i thought they were cybernetics must have misread it… cut off all of my limbs thinking that ama be a cyborg.


Think of jeju as The Punisher
Ok now that that is over with… Laurasikdar has a opinion I agree with the customization was great. I just turned into Tony the Tiger saying that for a split second that’s how much I agree.

@Cherry_Summer kingsman is the only fashion in this genre if your not kingsman dressed your a redshirt or nobody important just like being born with natural purple hair in anime you are obviously a important character wether you want to deny it or not.
You mentioned you try to make sure all of our choices are non cosmetic I’m very interested in the effects of
keeping my unnatural hairstyle or having prosthetics
I first time chose unnatural hairstyle a angel wing tattoo I think a scar and green eyes had a prosthetic hand.
I got rid of the scar, temp remove tat, changed the eye color to blue but dag nabbit I love my gravity defining hair and of course I have the prosthetic hand and my fake first name is the same as my dogs name, and I took my agents wanted codename.
Cute trick with the agents bluff on what their name was I respected their privacy and told them why after I refused the game.


Just got done running through the game as Cassiopeia Harrington, codename Odin. I was honestly impressed, not only by how extensive chaeacter creation got, but also by how many things we could outright go back over and say “well, that’s being changed.”


I’m just imagining a James bond situation where you change absolutely nothing about yourself before a mission except your name and in the first 5 minutes accidentally or purposely state your real name instead of your fake name.


@Crow: Next update you def can!

@Drakeye: It always makes me happy to see that people appreciate the hell code. And there’s a stat that determines how close you are to being exposed. Not changing anything about yourself will give that a boost. And now you make me want to add a line where you introduce your self like James Bond. :thinking::thinking:

@lovinglydull: !!! Nice!! That’s a really cool name!! I’m working on some text right now, where if you pick a code name that’s a diety, but not Greek or Roman, 684 will joke that you ruined the theme you had going on. And I’m glad I impressed you! :blush::blush:


This is a really fun game! I’m honestly obsessed with the drink system you have-it’s such a unique twist and I’ve spent the last half hour creating enough drinks to write them all down and publish them as an unofficial “Alcoholic drinks in the Star Wars universe” book. I bet I’ll make a killin!
I imagine my character is getting a kick out of naming her house drinks things like “Smuggler” “Spyball” and “Prisonpitz.” Hey, she changed her entire look and got several (temporary but painful) tattoos for this job, she deserves to have a little fun (although T378 might disagree)
And indeed, bartenders passing along intel is such a time honored trope, for good reason. Plus, in SPACE?!?! Fabulous, showstopping, pinnacle of modern literature. I sound kind of facetious here, but I’m genuinely super excited for this! Hell, I’ve drawn out my character, both facets-genuine and good hearted Cassandra Sky, and her red haired, glasses wearing alter ego, Alanna Tremaine.
I really hope 684 is a romance option, though of course no pressure if it isn’t. Just a huge fan of sunshine and rainbow characters, plus 684 brought us a mocha before we even met! When would your fave ever, right?
Edit: i realize I totally forgot to compliment your writing, which is absolutely fascinating because I actually started this in order to compliment your style. Got sidetracked by space bartenders dealing in information, which I hope is understandable, because that’s just a rad concept. It’s very easy to read, streamlined, descriptive when it needs to be but not overly flowery (which can really be a major turn off). And I like that it’s not rebel vs faceless evil empire. We could be working for the bad guys, the Empire could be the good guys, or we could be both, and you drive that home with 684: a sweetie through and through, but still part of an empire I’m going to assume we can defy at some point for one reason or another.


@Leem Thanks! It’s a combination of the constellation Cassiopeia, and one of my favorite sci-fi heroines, Honour Harrington.

If you want/need deity names, as a huge mythology nerd I can supply more than a few.


is that boosted for each thing that stays the same or just when everythign stays the same?
MC: my name is C, M C


Looking forward to it already :slight_smile:.


@StarlitOpal: This is one of the nicest comments I’ve gotten and I am crying Writer Tears of Joy™. I’m so happy you enjoy the drink system! I keep worrying that people would find all the options and features I’ve implemented pointless, but you guys seem to really like it and that’s really reassuring! And I’m happy you like my sunshine handler agent. I’m probably going to add them as an RO, and by probably I mean definitely because I really wanna try writing a long distance relationship with both handlers. And thank you so much for the compliments on my writing!! And yes! I’m trying very hard to implement grey morality in this game. Hopefully, I do it justice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@lovinglydull: !!! I love it! And I’m always here for people recommending stuff! I’m a huge Roman and Greek mythology nerd but I know nothing else about anything else lmao.

@Drakeye: It’s slightly boosted for everything that doesn’t change. And introducing yourself like Bond is officially and option lmao



I’ll be frank with you… That’s exactly what I’m gunning for.

That said! I went through the prologue again now since I hadn’t played since before the update. My agent is staring at the sky going “First day. FIRST DAY?!” Ha ha, I wonder who got the PC out of the way. Keep up the good work, @Leem! :+1::+1:

I gotta say though… My gun pun is rather timely now.


Fhsksgaksh I love how you took time to edit that. Also, if I’m not mistaken, there’s a line that says you’ve been grabbed by something cold and metallic :eyes::eyes:


:smile: I also tried to copy the expression he was wearing too.


A prosthetic? A robit? A makeshift grip made of bunch of guns? The possibilities!


:V I can’t contain this chapter’s spoilers in me. I can’t wait until I finish it up. I really want to scream about it so I’ve been trying to drop as many hints and as much foreshadowing and information as I can in the prologue.


Stay strong! The payoff will taste as sweet as cinnamon buns!


ALRIGHT. I was planning on adding a bunch of non-Greek deities to the code, so that 684 comments on each one you pick. But then I realized that that’s a bit too ambitious (even for me), so I figured I’d ask you guys if you picked a deity other than Greek, and if so which one? I’ll add flavor text about those!

@lovinglydull: Odin (as well as Loki, Thor, and Freya) have already been added to the list and the flavor text will be available next update!!