Reports from Philomena (55K words, Prologue complete!) Last Update: July 17, 2018



Aaand more bug and spelling errors people reported and ones I found while playing. The prologue and character creation system should be bug free now :smile:


No fair! You can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that! :sob:


I have no idea what you mean :innocent:


uhuh those wouldn’t be horns holding up that halo would they?
i was curios about using the same or part of the same name and thought the end response was cool in the beginning same with the agents prefered codename…i named my pet the same name as my covers first name

noticed a slight issue duplicated wording “too” also i believe in this context the word is “to” instead of “too” but i could be wrong.

I have yet to finish it but so far the writing is keeping my attention, slightly cheesy but not to much (this kinda genre usually is slightly cheesy), in the beginning the size of the planet struck me as difficult to accept considering its both populated and has a orbiting body nearly the same size as it (but i mostly ignored that and moved on after a moment).

all in all i like the quality the game possesses so far that i have read.

Edit: finished Highly archaic weaponry in a “modern time” interesting and also aww its over


I may not have much of an imagination for drinks.


Maybe call it bitter drink.


Definitely going to remake VA-11 HALL-A Drinks. Cuz I need a Gut Punch in my life.


Sure that shouldn’t be called a scotch neat?


@Drakeye: oh they’re totally horns. :smiley:

And yes! I’m trying to account for inputted text in situations I can! I’ll fix that typo in a bit too.

I’ll admit the setting is pretty cliche, since I’m not really a sci-fi author if we’re being honest.

And looking back at how I described the size of Philomena it is a bit too small. I mean, it is a relatively small planet, and I imagine it to be like 3/4 the size of Earth or maybe a lil smaller. And when I said “A relatively small planet, around a quarter the size of Earth and just a little bigger than its moon,” I meant that Philo was a little bigger than Earth’s moon. Philo has no moon to speak of.

And the fact that this character uses old weapons is probably my favorite part about them :smile: And I’m glad you enjoyed the game enough to be sad the demo ended! I have a few days off so I’ll get some writing in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@will: You know what that is perfectly fine. Who needs drinks that can burn down the whole bar anyway?



Nothing like a Piledriver to start the day. :laughing:


A moonblast would fit perfectly.


Me, trying to figure out plot after finishing all the hell code:


The plot is very interesting! Very unique always wanted to be a bar tender and this just made me one also love the MC customization i bet there is alot of effort put into it the codes :slight_smile: would certainly put this in my watching list.


Have I ever told you how much I love the customizations you allow us players? Because I love it - a lot XD Just played the finished prologue and it’s amazing!~ I have no idea what’s happening at the end of it but I’m looking forward to finding out :laughing:


This is lovely! I can’t believe I’m getting shot at 5 seconds into the game xD

I sort of imagin it’s like a good old fashioned western shoot out! With a kingsman sense of fashion style

Amazing work! Good to see this wip again, I love the flavor texts about personality, age and stuff, it’s cute!


That sounds like a plot of work. :grin:

You can do it! We believe! :flying_saucer:


i am so in love with this and i don’t really like sci-fi, that says a lot. :heart_eyes:


@Crow: I’m glad you like it enough to watch it :smile: I really like innkeepers and bartenders who listen to customers and get intel as a trope, and I have been dying to put it in one of my books. And writing the code to the prologue was something lmao.

@LauraSikdar: I was worried people would find the choices pointless, so it’s really reassuring to see that people enjoy them! And tbh MC doesn’t know what’s going on either. They just got in a shoot out and will prolly have to pay for all those damages :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Cherry_Summer: Getting shot at on your first day in Philo is a perfect introduction to the planet if I’m being honest. And glad to see you like all that extra text!!

@Jeju: Thanks for the faith but was the pun necessary :V

@Elsee: Honestly I’m not too big on traditional hard Sci-Fi either. Cyberpunk though, I am all about that. So this game is like half soft SCi-Fi and half Cyberpunk. But getting someone who isn’t into the genre to enjoy this book is an achievement :+1: :+1:


Yes, absolutely. V:<

I’m very punny like that.


I am a nice person and I don’t deserve puns >:Y