Reports from Philomena (55K words, Prologue complete!) Last Update: July 17, 2018





I will now dramatically enter and express my love for this project… I love this!! Thank you for creating this!! One of my top wips!!
dramatically exits


@simza : Your comments make me so happy! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! And I agree, my favorite choices are the small tiny ones that really let you develop and imagine your character. That’s why my game is gonna have lots of them! Also fixed that typo, thanks for pointing it out!

@Isabella_Taylor : YES. O N E. DON’T QUESTION IT. JK, its a bug with the drink dice roll. Fixed now!

@Chopper : Hearing you say this is one of your top WIPs just made my day ;v;


'Nother mini update, cause I am procrastinating the actual writing, but a small test of the house drink making system. Make up your own special and name it! It can’t be one of the 5 existing drinks though, the game won’t allow it. If you guys want to use that system to make up a drink for me to add, just reply to the thread!!


Just don’t ask me to name it…


Panhandler Bargle Glaster? :thinking:


Very well written interactive novel!


Hmmm… What about cloudcuckoolander?


One suggestion I have for the game is that you can choose to abandon your life as a spy and continue running the bar.


I’m glad you think that this little ol’ thing is well written! And about abandoning your life as a spy, you will definitely be able to. This game is about giving the player as much freedom as possible, so I do my best to account for every path a player might want to take.


It looks like it could be interesting and a Great plot idea!! I did not find any mistakes as I read through, however… I am VERY curious to see who the RO’s will be. Will you meet them on the job (that’d be cute)? Or have them be a co-worker, ex, a close friend? Can you give a little character detail about them in your story description pretty please?

Looking forward to more! :slight_smile:


I’m happy you’re looking forward to more! I am also definitely going to add information about the ROs as they’re introduced!! Next update will introduce most of them, so thet’s probably when I’ll give descriptions about them. I’m still sort of on the fence about making T378 and T684 romance options, but I’ll add them to the list when I make the final decision.


UPDATE! The prologue is done!!! Now its just gonna be general bug fixes and actual story!


Yiiiippppeeeeee!!! Congratulations and thank you’s are in order!


Thank you!! I can’t wait to write some actual story!


Sooooooo… I guess I gotta ask this…


OK, to be fair I was going to introduce most of them this update since it was supposed to include the beginning of chapter one, but then I decided to leave you guys on a small cliffhanger :smile:



I’m just really happy you have a very steady flow of updates so we’ll never get to complain about that!!
Can’t wait, good luck👍


There, there. Next update, I promise.


Alright, another update because there was a serious bug with the customization options and a few spelling errors. Fixed now!