Reports from Philomena (55K words, Prologue complete!) Last Update: July 17, 2018



Bouncy, cutesy type. Innocent almost to the point of being naive. I’ll admit to liking a bit of tsundere, especially if combined with one of those first two. My all time favorite is the nerdy geeky type with loneliness visible in their eyes because as intelligent as they are, they’re unable to find love or tell people how they feel so are doomed to suffer through their loneliness.

I even like a more forward type person, but not an alpha type. Alpha type personalities make me want to punch them… or shoot them.


Hush, you. I have my weaknesses for certain personality types and this is one of them! :triumph:

Dohoho… How interesting! No sugar, huh?

Also, you don’t have to answer, but how much has changed from the original conception of the game? :open_mouth:


Me too!

The kind people that have one. :grimacing:

Then it gets complicated. :sweat_smile:


Taylor narrating their own love life: The brave Taylor approaches the object of their affections. Currently their target does not know of these affections. Let us see if the brave Taylor changes this today.

Taylor approaches blurred out humanoid figure

Taylor: in narrative voice Taylor is about to talk to the object of their affections now! Let’s see what happens!

Taylor: Hi! Would you like to go out with me? I’ve been admiring you for a long time from a distance but not in a stalkerishwayandomgyouactuallyhaveapersonality!

OOA(Object of Affection) runs away screaming

Taylor: Things just got complicated.

Taylor runs off after OOA

NarrativeTaylor: Complicated indeed.


Well now, not quite the way I’d approach - plus if I’d been creeping I’d know if they had a personality - but, heh, made me chuckle. :grin:


A pun? In something by Leem? Is this a sign of the end times?


Hey, your characters are interesting! If you got anything to blame, blame your brilliant mind :wink::joy:

Also, this actually…would be cute to see, hehe. If neither of them end up as ROs, I wouldn’t mind seeing this! The grumpy and bright/friendly pairing is always nice :smile:


I decided not to change anything about my appearance, but got the dialogue about feeling weird seeing my new hair and eye colors anyway.


I tend to like the flirty, forward “playboy” types who actually have a dark backstory and/or are actually so flirty because they’re lonely and have never actually been in love.

If that isn’t an option, tsundere. (Just like my darling R from The Shadow Society).


Omg, this is awesome!


@Lycanthromorphic: the closest thing I have to a cutesy bouncy type in this story would be 684, the more forward type would be Lacroix.

@Jeju: No sugar. He likes his coffee black (like his soul) and bitter (like him.)
And tbh the original concept this game came from was a space dating sim I came up with in early February. MC was supposed to be an actual bartender and romance and relationships were the only focus then. But then that concept changed into this thing pretty quickly, and by late February Philomena was born. Romance and relationships are a major focus, but not the only ones.

@DrDolphinrider: Lissen, I don’t condone puns. I make it a point to say they’re awful in the game.

@LauraSikdar: akjsdhaskdhsj thank you! I’m glad you guys like the characters so far! And I’m thinking about the 684/378 thing and I think I might add it if MC doesn’t romance either of them.

@cottoncandy: That’s an odd error. I’ll check the code and fix it by next update.

@Isabella_Taylor: Lacroix is definitely the flirty forward playboy type, but not sure about the “they’re flirty because they’re lonely” thing.

@Cypher: Glad you think so!!! The fact that people genuinley enjoy this book is always the highlight of my day.


Well its been less than a month since I posted and a little over 2 months since I started writing so not for a while I’m afraid. Plus its a ridiculously ambitious project so I am honestly not sure. But I’m glad you’re already excited for it! That really makes me happy!


Update! It’s just bug fixes this time around. I fixed the error where the tattoo code wouldn’t tell you which option you picked and some problems with the appearance change confirmations. Next update, hopefully tomorrow, will include the a test for the drinks system, cybernetics and miscellaneous customization options.


UPDATE. More bug fixes, and after suffering at the hands of Choice Script for the past few hours, the drinks system is finally done! My hands can finally rest TTvTT


Side note: There are now 9 planned ROs :^)




Oh, odd :open_mouth: But there! Should be fixed now!


Tested the drink system! Not sure if it’s supposed to do this but it shows a different order after I go to the stats to check out the recipes? (ex: the customer orders a Disaster Zone but after I check the recipes and return to the game, the order changes to an Ambrosia) Otherwise, it works though!

Also I replayed the demo and found this:


Oh no, it’s supposed to randomize the customer and order every time you start testing but not like this D: I fixed it, but I did not expect that error. And also fixed the bug in the cafe scene! Thanks for pointing them out!


Still absolutely loving this!
I’m having a lot of fun with the drink mixing system and I enjoyed getting to know T684 a little more.

You really did mean it when you said there would be tons of choice! :blush: I absolutely love it! Maybe it’s just me, but in these games, sometimes I honestly really enjoy just making the choices that aren’t always huge, important plot ones- like what you eat or drink or wear, etc. They’re fun for adding some flavor to the player character. But also the fact that I get to have a pet?? Sold me right away.
Also, totally looking forward to the 9 RO’s!

Only feedbacky thing I really found was this:

‘fin’ instead of ‘find’.

Otherwise, this is really awesome!