Reports from Philomena (55K words, Prologue complete!) Last Update: July 17, 2018



Why do you do this to me?

Should maybe put in a “Proper Airlock Safety” memo somewhere in the game.

Can we set it on fire?


Yes, yes you can set it on fire!


Going to try it out now


With every drink I add, the chances of the Rabbit Hole going up in flames increases.:+1::+1::+1:


I love this demo so far! You have a smooth style just like a cup of coffee brought by Agent T684. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this WIP! :sunglasses:

Drinks suggestions:

  • Carina Nebula: Made with rum, lemon juice, grenadine, and tonic water (it glows under black light!) A bit of dry ice is put in there to make a steaming effect, so don’t chug it right away!

  • The Blackhole: You don’t know what’s in it. No one does, not even the bartender. It’s kept in a nice black bottle and poured in a ball shaped glass. Like its namesake, the drink pulls you in until you reach the event horizon of sobriety. Then there’s no turning back.

  • Milky Way Center: Straightforward unlike quantum physics. It smells like rum, but surprisingly tastes like raspberries. Strangely, just like quantum physics, non-alcoholic.


I 100% agree with this. The style of your writing is very grounded- everything feels like it belongs there, like no words are misplaced and it gives the whole thing a real sense of grounding which makes it very easy (and fun!) to read!!


So you like Firesword?


I’m glad you like the demo and what you said about my writing style just made my day!! And I love the drinks! especially the Blackhole. What’s in it? Where did it come from? Who knows! Will probably mess you up tho :+1::+1:

Yes, hi, you’re too nice a friend and you’re making me blush :V

I do and I’m 100% adding it!


Thank you! :blush: I’m glad!

Regardless of origins, it definitely will mess you up! But, unlike a real black hole, at least it’ll only make your limbs feel like they’ve turned into spaghetti…


Nice. I’m glad you’re adding it!


I have to say, i’m really loving this so far!

As others have said, your writing style reads and plays very smoothly. (Sometimes with other games, I end up skimming and missing important things when there’s too much text or background either right off the bat or on one page, ngl…). But you’ve paced the text really well and you implement lots of character customization which I absolutely love! From pets to codenames, etc etc. It really helps draw the reader in to feeling like a part of the story.

Your wording is really vivid and descriptive while still remaining relatively succinct. I’m also loving the setting and plot for this. Very unique take on a sci-fi game! I’m looking forward to keeping up with this one :blush:


Loving what you have so far, very fun to read with an intriguing premise that makes me want more. :slight_smile: Can’t wait for more info about the other ROs. LaCroix seems like quite the interesting character from info we have. Weird question, but will facial hair ever be an option?
Anyways, everyone seems to have a drink in mind so here’s mine.

Whiskey (the stronger the better), a bit of honey, a splash of lemon juice, and a little something special to give that “godly” feeling let’s just say it’s not quite legal but no one has to know :wink:


Also, on the topic of drinks…Some half-formed ideas for ya, since i’m not a very big drinker irl. :sweat_smile: If anyone wants to jump in and add to/change these, feel free.

Comet: Some kind of fluorescent pale blue liquor served over a sphere of ice and in a rounded glass?
It leaves a pleasantly refreshing aftertaste, but once you’ve had too much, it kinda sneaks up on you and leaves you out cold.

Stardust: Undisturbed, the drink looks a flat dark blue. When you swirl the glass, it shows different hues of space ranging from navy, silver, purple, periwinkle, etc and glitters.

Airlock: Clear and layered in color from an ominous black to dark purple. Served as a single shot and hits you so hard and fast, no one can ever remember what it tastes like.


The game is going to be interesting, for some reason it has got me remembering of the golden age of piracy, which is a good think and I do like the vast option for customisation. Keep it up.


Just played the WIP and I really like it!! The story seems interesting and I love the extensive choices you gave players with the character customization! Looking forward to finding out more about the RO’s XDD I’ll definitely be playing this when it’s completed hehe.

(On another note, would it ever be possible to romance 684? They’re cute lol)


People telling me they like my writing style is always the highlight of my week and thank you so much!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the book!!!

I love them all! Especially this one! An opalescent drink sound so cool!

Oh! I love it! It could be a golden yellow from the honey and lemon! And it’s Philomena, no one’s gonna ask questions about what’s in it lmao.

Glad you like the options! I was really worried it would be too much lmao.

Glad you like the game so much! And about 684, I haven’t decided yet but I might tho, since people seem to really like them.


drink idea Wormhole have spirals from the outside edge swirling into the center with a blackish color with little white dot in the center




Drink Idea: Sun Shots

Put absinthe in a glass. Take a spoon with sugar on it, dip it in the absinthe and withdraw. Use fire to caramelize the sugar and stir it in, causing the absinthe to catch on fire. Pour cold water to put fire out. Add grapefruit juice, rum, and maraschino liqueur & mix well. It should look pale orange when finished.

Warning: Too much of this drink WILL kill you


Is there any drink so far that will NOT kill you and/or set the bar on fire?