Replica: between universes (WIP, minor update 30/01/19) (+poll at 90)



@Eric_knight I can totally stand behind that one. Though, Hazel just literally didn’t know :'D she was very young and just laughed along with the bullies because she didn’t know the things they were saying were meant to be harsh. She didn’t know any better. Now, imagine the bullies confused faces when Hazel laughs along with them, before backing away with a confused grunt :")
But present Hazel is a tad different from young Hazel now.

@flocktrops on second thoughts, I don’t think Ha would survive a seductive MC. On second thoughts I don’t think any of them would. Except for Ash. Maybe F. Not at the moment, at least :’) the new RO would look like a lost pup…


Lol… I would definitely play a protective MC to Hazel, she is too kind :-):sweat_smile:


it’s okay, i was more thinking about the lines of having the mc have different approaches towards romance, but if it doesn’t fit with the characters then there’s no point


@flocktrops No no, it’s alright. Adding more options with different approaches was already my original plan, but that’ll be in future choices related to romance. This first one was purely to get a small glimpse of it, and to trigger some other romance-related scenes (:

adding more choices at the start, like being able to confuse the characters with some seducing; it’s possible. I only need to make it fit the scene without making it too much


A… somewhat eventful chapter… where the MC gets to meet an interesting character; if they play their cards right, that is.

here I deliver (after some broken promises, blood, sweat, and tears), chapter… 4! It has around 50k words in total, and between 15-17k words for one playthrough. Nice.

The story is finally taking some pace after the last couple of scenes of this chapter, and everything is finally about to clear up a bit. I really wanted to write some reveals in this chapter, but it really became far too long so I have that bit already ready and set for the beginning of chapter 5, so that’s there now.

For now; this chapter might give you more questions than answers, but you will get to reveal some nice things if you play your cards right. Also, there might or might not be a certain (permanent or temporary) side-character getting introduced in this chapter (if you have the good stats for it). For them to become a character was unplanned, but it happened and I actully love writing them.)

God, I am being cryptic in this post.

SO. In short, this chapter includes;

  • 50k words total, 17k words one playthrough

  • A very clear introduction to the ‘insanity’ element of the story

  • A new, somewhat exclusive character introduction

  • Jealousy, A lot of jealousy IF going for the romance routes. (and if you have the stats for it.)

  • The beginning of something bad

  • Two wip scenes. The first one is a small one, but the second wip scene is an entire route for a certain choice. It’s the one where you either depart with Ash and Ha, or stay in the hotel with F and Lily. In this case, the scene where you stay at the hotel is still a big WIP.

I am not going to write a ‘next update includes’ because I am traumatized by breaking those promises so I will spare myself the disappointment.

Okay, I’ll end this post here before I give myself a heart attack. Writing this chapter was a big mess and I was more fooling around than being serious at some points, like the freaking introduction of this chapter, but it’s done now and, err- I HOPE Y’ALL LIKE IT :slight_smile: I REALLY DO.


SO, UHM… panick mode activated

I had this entire scene with Ha, right there when you are sitting with him in Ash’s garage, but it only appears when Ha is female BECAUSE there was a small error in the script AND I didn’t check this specific scene with a male Ha so- uhh…

I… updated it? Wow this is embarrassing…



Aaah! I’m looking forward to playing the new chapter and possibly going through ALL routes, but there seems to be a problem with the save files?



We like it! I just want to finish a couple of playthroughs for a more detailed comment :blush:


@treacletart yup, it should be fixed now! Thank you !!

@niisan thank you soooo much :smiley: it makes me happy to know that people actually do like the strange crap I write :smiley:


I don’t like being locked out of plot points because of stat checks. The perception one seems fine, but I feel like I’m punished for being reseved.


@DeeFlavored You actually don’t miss anything important about the plot, you only get the chance to ‘discover’ some certain things early on, really! And I’m still playing around with the stats so who knows how the story will look like in the end.
Thank you for the comment, though!


Thanks for clearing that up!


Dang I really enjoyed playing through the story! I started off really friendly and compassionate but after the whole parallel universe thing my character just switched to a sarcastic asshole lol and I loved it. The only thing I noticed was that my stats still showed that I was genuine and compassionate lol


@KitsuneGoto hehe, thank you so much for playing :smiley: that stat thingy- you get a lot of points for stats at the start of the story and I decreased this after chapter 2, so maybe that’s the case. I’m still playing around with the stats though, I’ll try to get it a bit more accurate in the next update :'D thank you !!

I think I aced device's name, xept Ash doesnt seem to like it for some reason...

Bit of wrong F here


Fixed it :smiley:
Also, Ash won’t agree on it even if you name it after them to honor… their… friendship? They just don’t want to rename the device on default, because it’s simply childish and unnecessary in their eyes :’)

and oh my god that’s an awesome name for the device


Absolutely incredible. I have this WIP bookmarked and “watching”. I loved it! Excellent story!


Some little bugs :beetle:

  • If MC decides to stay in the hotel with F and Lily…


  • If you select any of these options, you will jump to a different scene (MC is outside with A and H) :confused:


Huh… that’s slightly interesting and worrying. Because the scenes where you stay at the hotel with lily are WIP scenes and are supposed to be grayed out for the reader :o I still need to finish the path where you stay at the hotel- that’s why you get those strange transition between scenes. And nobody is supposed to read that and is even able to pick that choice.
I am very, very confused myself, now.

@EagleOne1 thank you so much for reading :smiley:


All began here. If you select this option, the MC stays at the hotel, never goes outside with A and H

By the way, I love the story so much!!! Waiting for more updates! :star_struck: