Replica: between universes (WIP, minor update 30/01/19) (+poll at 90)



It wasn’t impossible, I did it, you just have to agree with everything she say. It’s not paticualry easy if you don’t know why you’d do it but it’s possible.


@Exeldgamer And that’s the exact thing. I don’t want people to agree with her on everything when they don’t want to, just to get it at 60. And it was originally planned not to make this relationship check that hard because you don’t get a that big of a scene afterward :’) only the people who plainly disliked H were not able to sit with her in the living room.




A chapter filled with multiple bonding scenes, where the MC starts to get even more questions than answers…


UGH. And I am finally done with this absurd chapter. I honestly can’t wait until I get to write all my screaming plot ideas down because those will FINALLY happen in the next chapter. This chapter is filled with bonding scenes, where you finally visit the cemetery with a companion of your choice. Outside of that, the mc gets even more questions than answers, still waiting for an explanation,

Meanwhile, crazy dreams about this mysterious voice of the hooded person and the strange blonde man continues, and the MC meets a few interesting people, both in this chapter and the next one…

Also, new cover, weehee

In short: this chapter includes:

  • Around 12k words for one playthrough, 27 496 for every branch/choice/route
  • Multiple opportunities to bond with the characters, because this entire chapter is nearly about bonding
  • Do you want to go outside or rest first? If so, where? Some of the choices may or may not unlock some exclusive scenes.
  • One (1) new character

next update includes:

  • Either the half or entirety of chapter 4 (I will make a poll about that one soon enough…)
  • Introduction to the last RO (I swear)
  • The first big chaotic main event is FINALLY about to occur. And I can’t wait to make everyone FINALLY suffer.
  • A lot of the unanswered questions will finally be answered.
  • A clear introduction to REPLICA. I am disappointed with myself. This book is called ‘‘Replica’’ and I still didn’t manage to write about it.

sweats alright, I still didn’t get to write all the things I said this chapter would include, and I wanted to do that… but this chapter became way too long. So I really needed to split it into two. So all the things that I promised last time and didn’t happen: it’ll happen in the second half of this chapter a.k. chapter 3.2. So chapter 4.

Anyhow, I HOPE Y’ALL LIKE IT :slight_smile: I REALLY DO


Yayyy! I’m going now to devour the new chapter :heart_eyes:


@kitkat Yay, I hope you like it :smiley: :smiley:


Huzza another update.

Also is the bonding scene with H done yet?



… we don’t talk about that cursed scene

In all seriousness, I forget about it each single time. I- that scene is cursed alright :’)


i chose I dunno know after waking hazel up with a slight slap on the check and got this %!{ha_name} gripped my shirt tighter than ever after that, and we both waited for the intruders to walk through the door. I shuffled bit to the side, making sure to cover Hazel with my body, in case of any possible danger.


@Jake8517 thank you, it should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Alright, I have one (1) poll for you all. Because polls makes life easier.
I wanted to know If I should keep going, and update the link by the end of each chapter or should I do it when I’m halfway there with writing the new chapter? The latter results into more and faster updates than the first one. So…

    • update the chapter when it’s done!
    • update the chapter when you’re halfway there!

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and also, what would you guys like to see in the next chapter? Or what would you like to see different this time, or fixed? I am still trying to figure out if this story is going the right way or not, so some feedback or suggestions would be appreciated immensely :smiley:


I think the strength of your story is the distinguish personality of the ROs , if i am not mistaken i met 3 of them so far Hazel is the good friend damsel in distress , Ashley is the cold hearted no nonsense enforcer and Fay is the gentle diplomat … i hope you can keep the personality of Hazel as it is now , i understand some people may not like the personality of a damsel , however that is the purpose of a choice right? Not all ROs need to be strong and independent , Hazel can remain as a distinguish personality who demand care and attention from the MC if MC is interested in her… As for Fay, she could prefer a gentle and diplomatic MC … i think it is only realistic different RO prefer different attitude from the MC … instead of all RO could be a love interest no matter how the MC behave :slight_smile:


Suggestion: cough haze cough bonding cough cough scene cough

But in all seriousness your doing great keep up the awesome work :+1:


@Eric_knight yep, that’s… on point :smiley: Though, Hazel is kinda a… well, complicated character. They are kind of the ‘‘damsel in distress’’ in this story and practically tries to glue themselves onto the MC for good lucks but they also have this… unexplored, somewhat secretive side.
And thank you for the suggestion! That would be more realistic indeed, though, I wanted to give people the freedom to romance whoever they wanted without needing to change your stats purely for them. But I’ll think about it :slight_smile: Originally I had planned in creating two versions for every romance scene, where you either have a good or a bad relationship with the chosen RO and the scene changes depending on that.

@Exeldgamer MARK MY WORDS: I will finish that itty-bitty tiny scene in the next update. I WILL. And thank you :'D


I agree with your romance idea… 2 different interaction routes for MC who may either synchronise with the RO or in totally different tone with them … at such it won’t feel so bland where RO pretty much react the same way no matter how MC Treat them :slight_smile:

Hazel perhaps will feel more longing and attach to MC who listen to her patiently and willing to protect her in dreadful situation but perhaps demonstrate a sense of fear or hurt with rude MC , maybe even run away from MC if given chance… and Ashley may respect strong will MC but treat gentle MC as a little brother/sister :-):rofl:


@Eric_knight Whoops, you actually typed something there that would be happening in the upcoming chapters :'D

To be honest, Ha will follow the MC around like a lost puppy either way, they’ll just be a lot more… hurt and fearful if the MC happened to be rude towards them :grimacing:


Hey … Hazel really seems like very adorable , who would want to bully them… Lol :-):joy:

Right now … Hazel definitely is my choice of Romance partner :-):blush:


Does MC have something of ''romance feelings be gone" type thing … cuz somehow i find it strangely fitting (or it could be just my bad english)


@Aleksa100 At first? Yeah, maybe a bit :'D But that’s only at the first couple of choices, I wanted to start the romances with the tiniest hint of- err, attraction? Something like that.


If people would like to hop onto it and start seducing the crap out of the RO’s with a more confident MC… I can try and add more romance-related dialogue option next to the standard one, if people would like that more :’) But I’m still keeping it a bit on “I’m gonna act like true romantic feelings are non-existent and I don’t know what the hell they are or how they feel like because there are a ton of more important matters to think about at the moment”

@Eric_knight also why do I notice this reply now. Anyhow, :’) Hazel is the type who would get bullied a lot in elementary school, but she would be too naive to understand the concept of it, and would nervously laugh along with the bullies before sitting on a swing and thinking about the ‘joke’ she didn’t get, becoming sad about it afterward.


Now Hazel make me think of this cool life approach

Which i honestly think that’s how we live our life happier… that’s why i adore Hazel :-):relaxed:
So Hazel could find whoever bully her funny ?


100% approve