Replica: between universes (WIP, minor update 30/01/19) (+poll at 90)



Yup thanks it helped :smiley:


Sure :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Do the choices we make change the universe we’re from? Because I noticed that the universe number kept changing everytime I checked stats.


@GenecoInheritor nope :smiley: I am a sucker for romance myself, but family is something dear to me, too. I couldn’t resist and wanted to make different path’s for them both so you don’t HAVE to romance someone just to keep it interesting.

@No_This_Is_Patrick I updated it and the customization includes blue eyes now :smiley: I am personally very bad at those customization sequences, so please tell me if you miss anything else :slight_smile:
Also, I’m still kinda fightning with the save system. Still trying to figure it out, hehe… nervous smile

@smuteczekbiczo took the words right out of my mouth, hehe. Though, tiny side note here: I kinda forgot that Ha’s starting points weren’t on 50 but 20, so that was my bad there. I need to decrease that number sometime… in my defence, I’m still learning, hehe

@Saetero Something like that! Every choice you make, you create a new “branch” of parallel universes and that’s kinda the number showed on the stats screen. So there is actually another parallel universe out there, having a blue-eyed MC instead of green. And you’ll notice this later when traveling though other parallel universes! Because, well, this game IS about parallel universes and I couldn’t resist, heh :smiley:


Well as long as there’s a decent romance on the other paths no need for the westermarck effect.


@GenecoInheritor Heh, I’ll try to avoid that. And I’m honestly sure it won’t come to that.


I found a bug…?

At first play I can choose this but on the second play it seems it won’t let me choose it.


First of all, I’m a sucker for the movies touching on parallel universes and such (ie. one of my favs, Coherence), so definitely can’t wait where you take this story :wink:

So far so good, LOVE THE COVER PICTURE! and the beginning did a good job hooking me in. Wished for a glimpse of that Taylor character, but it’s alright if they’re absent for the first part

And now that we got my opinion outta the way, let’s start sinning :wink:

Aach! The Spoilers!!


Also, as Hani_Fina pointed out, checking up on Han (for me, always) breaks the game


@Hani_Fina It should be fixed now :smiley: I was a bit confused, because I didn’t get the error myself but I tried to code HA’s sequence a bit differently now and It should work. Hopefully.

@KJM ohgod Thank you so much :smiley: And that cover picture; I literally made it very randomly on my phone when creating this topic because I wanted to add at least one picture to it :'D
And thank you soooo much. I corrected and edited everything you wrote there, It should be a tiny tiny bit more readable now :slight_smile: Thank you for sinning for me :grimacing:

Also, I don’t have a lot of things planned for Taylor, tbh. But you’ll meet them again when traveling through those parallel universes, just like alternate versions of yourself :smiley:


I don’t know what you’re saying but ok! Best WIP by the way :+1::+1::+1::+1::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


@Hani_Fina Just me rambling on about the solution of the bug :’) and that’s nice of you to say, thank you :smiley:


Not an update (God I would be on fire If I already had an update by now) but a poll!

I noticed how many CoG writers have a Tumblr account these days, and debated if I should make one, too. For questions, asks, random stuff, advises, critics and blah blah blah. But my level of self-confidence is far too low so I’m creating a poll for it. Is it too early? Is it even worth it for a story like this? Is it even worth it in general? Only one way to find out.

  • Yes, just do it!
  • …naaah, not yet.

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*hides under a blanket * Sooooo… anyone? It literally took me a solid 10 minutes to click on the reply button. This entire topic is therapy for me and my crippling self-confidence.


Hello @FireFly
How are ya? i just played the demo and i gotta say it’s great. Really cool and unique idea. So you can add me to your growing fan base. I just have a tiny sugestion and feel free to ignore me,but when it’s time to decide if you wanna go universe travelling i think there could be another choice where the MC decides to go with them cause she/he is afraid their sister/dumb friend will go anyway and get themselves killed but isn’t happy about it. Also i’d like an option of being mad to that so called friend for forcing a decision from us. But it’s totally okay if you don’t want to add those things. Overall looks very promising.

Anyway i’m gonna stop my rant here. Have a nice week!


@Red thank you so much, I really appreciate it :smiley: and thank you for the suggestion! An option like that would be alright to add, and it makes more sense too, I guess. Though, I’ll need to watch out not to make too many options where you agree to go rather than disagree. But I’ll think about it :slight_smile: thank you !!

You’ll get a lot of chances on different occasions, later in the upcoming chapters to be mad at H for being like… H in general. They’re kinda manipulative :’)


a small update (me is sorry)

I decided to update the game with the “small” intro of the third chapter, despite me planning on updating it when the entire chapter was done. But I wanted to add my sad little tumblr link to it, too. Because one vote was even enough and I was already behind my laptop, busy creating a side account.


so yeah… I’ll try to get the chapter done before updating it again. I hope y’all like it! I really do! And if you don’t, tell me about it! Very very please! :smiley: goes back and hides under my blanket of anxiety

Edit: also: after an entire month filled with struggling… I finally figured the saving system out. Hooray to me


So Did I you finish that scene with haze? dramticly unfurls coat “because I refuse to continue the story until I have a bonding scene with her!”

In reality though, nicely done on the game can’t wait for the next chapter.


@Exeldgamer Err… * jumps behind a brick wall * what bonding scene? I dont see any bonding scene?

Thank you :'D


How do you get 60% relationship with hazel?


Not easily.


I decreased that a great bit just now because this one was a small mistake of mine. 60% is when you become “best friends” with H, but you were supposed to be able to talk to them when you were just good friends with them, too. And that’s when you have between 40-60% with H.

Long story short; you’ll need 45% if you want to talk to them now, instead of 60%. I don’t want to make things too impossible, heh.