Replica: between universes (WIP, minor update 30/01/19) (+poll at 90)



So why are all the romances slow burns?


Nobody breaks into my apartment and terrorizes my sister. Attack them with my weapon!! (WIP)

that’s just evil… :sob:


@No_This_Is_Patrick The RO’s aren’t related to your alternate selves in any way, and two of the four possible RO’s are the two intruders, and the third one is your roommate.

@Exeldgamer Hehe, it will be. But it’s just an idea though, an idea I’m willing to write. But meeting your alternate self: it won’t be a very big sequence and not the most importand part of the story. But who knows, I’m getting new ideas every time I go through the story myself.

@E_RedMark :smirk:


Well we’ve known the roommate the longest and it looks like they may already have a thing for us though. And the intruders, MCs might be able to forgive them and move past it if they had a good enough reason.


In you small update I lock them in bathroom an call the cops that what will do if hurt my
sister :sunglasses:


@No_This_Is_Patrick That thingy with the roommate having a crush on the MC, I actually planned those parts out, and I found myself focussing a bit too much on their romance path… for some reason. But believe me, they are alll slow burns. Even theirs.
@Takashi_Shin I kinda expected people to choose either the option where you lock them up or just go full- attack modus :’)


How slow like nothing happens until the end or the next book slow.


@No_This_Is_Patrick Kinda depends. If this story turns out to be a series of 3 instead of one single book, I’m trying to figure that little detail out myself, heh. But if I decide to split the story in 3, I want to make something “happen” by the end of this book or around the start of the second.


Another update!

It was nearing the end of the chapter (sort of) but I didn’t get to finish it. I’ll be gone by tomorrow because school is starting and I’ll leave home for a few months. So I won’t be able to write all the time and update it frequently, so that’s why I’m updating it like this for now. I was planning in completing the last scenes today, at least, but it didn’t work out. Sooo… Here’s another update!!

This update includes:

  • The entire bathroom scene + the missing scene.

  • A (somewhat) complete fight-scene in the living room.

  • A (somewhat) complete introduction to the world, and the chance to talk to the intruders and get a proper introduction to their characters.

  • A few changes and small edits throughout chapter 1

  • And I’m sorry, the MC still won’t be able to bond with Hanual/Hazel in the kitchen.

  • Chapter 2 has a total amount of 16k words (at the moment)

The next update will include (for now):

  • An introduction to the parallel universes and the “REPLICA” itself.
  • An introduction to the last RO.

So… well- err, I hope y’all like it…! I really love to hear your opinions, too, because I am overly nervous about this entire thing.


Huzza more content!!!


got this after choosing to talk with my sister and selecting the “you remember them strapping you against a chair right?”


@flocktrops Thank you, It should be fixed now :smiley:


Another update… if someone is interested!

I wrote it while working. Really. And I don’t regret anything.

Anyhow, here’s another update. I finally finished chapter 2, but work got in the way and I actually didn’t get to write the few things I wrote about in the last update-post. For now, the entirety of chapter 1 and 2, complete and ready. (Though, I am still far too lazy to write the infamous bonding-with-ha-in-the-kitchen scene but oh well.

this update includes:

  • chapter 2, completed with around 21k words (total amount)
  • being able to talk with everyone
  • actually traveling to your first parallel universe
  • a “tiny” extra scene where you’ll be stuck in some kind of loop-hell because I thought it was fun and I hope for dear Lord that some people will get to read that little sequence.

The next update will include (for now, and for sure):

  • An introduction to the parallel universes in general and the “REPLICA” itself.
  • An introduction to the last RO.
  • Meeting a few alternate versions of your MC (personality traits differ on your MC’s personality)
  • A new function called “notepad” where you’ll be able to gather various notes on people and events depending on your choice. Though, I’m still debating If I should add this or not.
  • And I’m going to try and finish chapter 3 completely before updating it again. No more half-way updates for me.

I really hope y’all like it. I love to hear your opinions, too. Or things you notice, either bad or good things. I am still trying to learn!


Damn it. Why don’t you just tell me to not press the big glowing red button? Now no matter how interesting you might make the romances I’ll want to avoid them.


You can avoid them if you like to :slight_smile: I actually forgot to edit that part out and add it in the update post, because I have some more ideas for both the romance-path and platonic-path. I even planned a path where you are only after your little sister, if you like to focus on family instead.

I included my first l romance-related choice in the last scene here, and you can choose to either stay alone or go to your little sister instead :smiley:


:grimacing: Must. Not. Make. Joke…


I have my canon ending, stuck in a loop because I’m always gonna say no.

Also there’s no blue eyes option.


@No_This_Is_Patrick Whoops, sorry, I’ll try to add that one later today!


I can’t seem to get 60 relationship with H only 58.

Also are you going to add a save system?


I assume you have 58% already at the part where you can talk with everyone? Go to the first dude (blue eyed? Not the jerk one xD) and when you have last dialogue where there’s that that text about the “Kid looking like H” at the end, choose that it concerns you. It’ll icrease your relationship with H to 63%.