Replica: between universes (WIP, chapter 7 update 30/09/20)

when I looked at the stats page on relationships, for asher it said he’s long? might wanna change that to tall?


@Mistyleaf123 Ah, I’ll look into that. I haven’t peeked inside the stats doc in ages, hehe.

For anyone else who waltzes into this thread only to report some typos- feel free to send me a PM with it. It’s alright to send it in here, but then this thread gets unnecessarily bumped every now and then when people do so! Thank y’all so much for reading RBU and your attention, I’ll go back into my cave now :smiley:


How do I get enough relationship points with Day to ask what concerns her at the motel? I really like this demo and will definitely pay for the full game on release

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Hey there! Thank you for reading :slight_smile: it’s still a wip in any way possible though, hopefully I’ll be able to release it one day soon.
You can get your relationship level up by generally being nice to F and everyone else around you, being reasonable and trusting. You just need to get it over the 20 relationship mark to ask them what bothers them. Nearly every choice you encounter influences the relationship stats of your companions, so you can go back and try some other choices till F ends up loving you :smiley:


Okay… this is simply A.MA.ZING…
I can’t stop read it :revolving_hearts:


@an_nisa Hey! Thank you so much for reading :blush: