Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity [Updated 11th Sep 2022 Aria Chapter 3 Complete]

Ooh this is looking like one to watch for sure. Still a bit too short for me so far (as in, I’m waiting to play it until there’s more content to really get me hooked), but I’m looking forward to it!

One thing though, is the purple eyeshadow on the two goddesses symbolic for something or purely aesthetic choice? Because if it’s only the latter, the colour is a bit overwhelming and sort of detracts from the beauty of these two amazing portraits (especially the female MC’s eyes, which it competes with rather than complimenting - I feel like no eyeshadow would make her look fresher and younger EDIT: or a soft pink/rose eyeshadow). Other than that you did a great job with turning Artbreeder portraits into something kind of unique from the norm (the ears and jewellery!) - nice! :slight_smile:

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@Erized Hi! Thanks for trying out the WIP. I appreciate it. A friend edited the Artbreeder images and yes, she has done a marvelous job. Also, I’ll consider what you said about the eyeshadows.


Hey :wave::blush:

Hope you are doing well!

Just wanted to tell you… This is a really impressive plot that you got here and I seem to enjoy your characters too :wink:
I can’t wait for moreeeee :heart:

One more thing… the IF that I absolutely adore and right now is the no.1 for me is the Knights of evallon :heart::heart:
It’s sooo good,sooo interesting and such amazing characters…
My personal fav is Leon and Yuri… damn these routes are my thing :)… Yuri is more interesting :full_moon_with_face:

You are so good at writing and it’s very entertaining.
Thank you so much for your work and I truly can’t wait for more :sparkles::sparkles::revolving_hearts:

Omg how can I forget…these official arts of yours…they are magnificent :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


Ohhh this is fun! If done right, it would even be on par with some of the better games on choice of games! Looking forward to this!


Thank you so much for the the kind words. I really appreciate it. I am glad to see a Leone fan. You are a rare breed. Haha! Hope you continue to find it just as good in the future. And yes, the artists have done great work.

Thanks a lot! I am flattered that you think so. Hope I can live up to expectations.


Here’s a new art of Ashärielle with her bow

Update Notes: 27th August 2022
Finished the first scene of Aria Chapter 3 which involves your first official meeting with Ashärielle.
Added some details about the Geography and Polity of Aion, and WIP maps of Aion and Lòrelei in the library.

On a side note:
I have spent quiet a bit on art for both Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity and Knights of Evallon and will commission more in the future. To that end, I have opened a Redbubble Shop featuring merchandise of the characters. It’ll probably not cover the entirety of the commission prices, but every little bit helps. However, you don’t have to buy anything if you are unable to. I am grateful for the reads and the feedbacks. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the first meeting of the Prince and the Goddess.


I wouldn’t mind getting pierced by her arrows.

But, Astralise, mate, you sure like your cliffhangers. Just when the plot was about to take off, you clipped its wings.


@Oreven You can call me Thomas and lmao! I wrote it while dozing off and had to stop at that point. I had to fix the prose a dozen times after uploading. Also, I just wanted you all to have a taste of Ashärielle’s character.


A question for those who have read the entirety of Aria. Why did Ashärielle ask you to tell her about the stars of your homeworld?


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Yeah. I’m getting that too…

umm…hello there, I don’t know if it’s just me but I found an error on the choices during the prince’s conversation with Faye after mc showed her around the school, the error was /aria_chapter_2 line 950: Non-existent variable ‘page_break’ .

@Cingulum_diaboli @Reeves @almostinsane Sorry. Idiot that I am, I accidentally typed “*set page_break”. It should be fixed now.


Okay. I had to make the Prince a perv. The dialogue is too fun.


Yay! I am glad you found it fun. Mission accomplished.


I really like what you have so far, both the story, the world building and the characters. However one thing that I find problematic and which will probably be more problematic to me the further I get into the story is that there’s plenty of customisation for the MCs when they’re the MCs, but that apparently when they’re an NPC in the story of the other MC, they always have a specific personality and appearance. TBH this makes me feel that I’m playing against canon and kind of “wrong” when I customise that MC to have a different look and personality in their “own” story, which will eventually take away quite a bit of the enjoyment of this WIP for me, probably also particularly due to my aspie-ness, which often makes me feel uneasy when it seems that things don’t fully make logical sense. Of course, it may be that I’m the only one who feel this way, but there’s also a possibility that there are quite a few others who will feel or could( for those who haven’t read/played yet) feel the same way.

I do understand that it would be probably difficult to customise the personality of the NPC versions of the MCs too much without taking away the individuality of each of them and it seems even for the customisable MC version it’s only customisable within certain parameters. But if you could make the appearance of the MCs as NPCs more customisable, this would still go a long way in removing that iffy feeling I(and maybe also others) get about the disconnect between the MCs being somewhat customisable as MCs and fully set as NPCs/ROs. Of course, this is your WIP, and it’s up you to decide how to approach this. But I know that NPCs with at least somewhat customisable appearances has been done before(like in the Heroes Rise trilogy, and at least couple of WIPS, including These Reluctant Years, where the two MCs can be each other’s RO) and as far as I can see, also have been done quite well. Once more, to make clear, I certainly don’t demand that you do this, but if this is something you think you can do and aren’t firmly opposed to, I do think it would make the two different paths more consistent with one another and make them more enjoyable and less troublesome to me and anyone else who the current set up makes feel that they’re doing it non-canon and wrong if they customise the MC differently from the MC as NPC/RO in the other path.


I just read the demo for the first time, and I loved it. I only played the goddesses path, and it was really enjoyable. I hope you write more for her soon


@natwa Thank you for playing and for the feedback. I see what you are talking about and will keep your suggestion in mind. This is a work in progress and things might change in the future, certain elements may be removed or added. So, while I cannot promise anything, I’ll certainly consider it.

@Anna_B Thank you for taking the time to read. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am working on Rhapsody as we speak.


I thought i was the only one lol. Which is why i don’t play the female path at all, because i don’t want to ruin my immersion for my male MC–which is starkly different than the one with Canon–personality and appearance wise.

The again, do what you want, Thomas. It is YOUR story after all.

Also does romancing faye has any negative impact to your relationship with Calix at all? You know since he has crush to her and all that.


I understand where you guys are coming from, but customizing the RO’s personality is simply beyond my coding capability at this point. Also, I know it’s counterproductive for me to ask my readers to read less of my game, but if the issue is immersion breaking, maybe you can either consider them to be alternate versions of the same story a la Multiverse, or read only one path. At least until a more permanent solution is found.

And yes, initially Calix will be pissed if you romance Faye, but he will come around. After all, their bromance (or romance depending on your choice) is a important part of the story. I honestly want to explore their friendship.