Remembered: The Past (01/04/2021)

Thank you for pointing these out. Like I mentioned before, I will go through things from the beginning at some point. None the less, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve finally played the update!
It was nice to have more content to this story - it’s really engaging!

I have a couple of things to report!

When the MC is following the duo in the prison and signals them about the guards:

At some point there’s that line:
“Akumu turns his head slightly to nod, disappearing a second later.”
At that point, we don’t know the demon’s name though.

When showing the room to the MC:

Faustiano says: “Oh, and if you want to get to the dining room once morning comes without much hassle, just voice your command.”
It seems the team has a fair share of intel about the MC, so it would be weird he’d say that to a mute MC as mine.
Ignore that if he actually doesn’t know about that fact or if it slipped his mind, obviously - since the current built stops right after that, it’s hard to tell.


Thank you for these! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll possibly start looking into these things more along with writing Chapter 2 tomorrow.


This is very interesting, but the narrative pov has me confused. Is it an omniscient narrator’s pov that is written in first person grammar? Because a blind mc wouldn’t be able to see anyone to give visual descriptions.


‘‘You okay, your eyes glazed over there for a second and I thought the electricity had done some hidden damage?’’ Prentriss’ voice as sweet as ever, her eyes darting over my body to check for any external injuries.

Well yes miss, I’m blind, see


Great update! I love it! :heart_eyes: I wonder what that prick at the neck was, doesn’t seem like sedative.

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I try to write so that to give the reader an idea on what’s going on and what’s around. For blind readers, I’m trying a different approach. I’m trying to make things more clear and sort them out as I go.


Status Update

Hello everyone! Happy October!
Anyway, as you could probably tell from the heading of this message, I have not come with an update, sadly. I’m going to place this under sections to not take up too much space and make it easier for you all to read.

Progress and bigger blurb

So, what’s been going on and what happened to the one update per month policy that I’ve talked about before??? To tell you the truth, I just don’t have enough written to give anything out. At first, I thought that I’d still have time when school starts. Frankly, my only free days are Wed - Friday (there’s also the weekend but I’d like to keep that for friends and family).

After finishing Chapter 1, I went straight into Chapter 2. For a while, everything was going great. But then school started and I had to leave things as they were. After some time, while looking at the stuff written under Chapter 2, I felt that it wasn’t quite what I wanted, so, I got rid of it to start again. I’m really hoping to get some excellent progress going fast because I need this for my school project still (I have a hearing sometime next week and I’m really nervous about that :sweat:)

About updates and art

I can’t give a clear answer when the next update will be out. Hopefully at the start of next month. Regarding art, I will be posting portraits whenever an update comes out, if not sooner. I also have a plan on continuing the update per month cycle, but that will be up to you people (more information under “About the Poll”).

I will also be doing tweaks on Chapter 1, but the changes won’t be seen until the start of Chapter 3.

I have a plan on making a Tumblr for this project as well (when chapter 2 has been published), where people may ask questions if they feel up to it and where I will be posting art pieces of other characters that I won’t be posting here.

About the Poll

Subjected by the replies and comments I have gotten so far, I decided to try a new approach. A chapter will be divided into three parts, depending on whether the player has chosen to be deaf, hyposmic, blind, etc. From the start, I realized that it would take more time for me to write, but in order to get things down more smoothly and to keep away the confusion that happened last time, I see this as the only solution for now.

So my question for you all is this: do you want bigger or smaller updates?
Bigger, as in I’ve written a portion of the story, rewritten it to match all routes, and coded it. This will ensure content for everyone, but less playthrough per route and might take longer.
Smaller, as in a route has been written to some extent (1/3 or half a chapter, we’ll see how it goes). This will not provide content for everyone but will be published quicker. If this choice proves to be most favorable, I will state in an official update post, what routes the given update contains.

Before voting, please make sure to have read the upper heading “About the Poll” incase to prevent confusion.
The poll will be closed on October 16th.

  • Bigger updates (content for everyone, smaller playthrough per route, takes more time).
  • Smaller updates (content for one route, longer playthrough, takes less time).

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Hi! I’ve made an account just to be able to send that comment haha.
First I wanted to say that I really enjoy your game and being able to have a disability, as a selective mute it makes me happy
So, I’m playing with a mute MC
And I realized that sometimes characters act like the MC can talk
For example when Faustiano say “Oh, and if you want to get to the dining room once morning comes without much hassle, just voice your command.”


Thank you for the comment!
I’m aware that some scenes don’t add up based on the challange the MC has chosen (courtesy of the endless pit and confusing mess of code). I will look into it at some point and make those vital changes once I’ve gotten back on track. :slightly_smiling_face:


This was fun to read! It’s nice to see the MC has a disability of sorts and you have to work with it! Cant wait to read more :smile:


Me like​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Just started reading this and I don’t know if anyone already mentioned this but I’ve selected all female RO’s and it still uses male He/His pronouns and refers the character as a male for Demon


Thank you so much for catching this!
Should be fixed now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oi, @DecryptedDev … I’ve got dome weird doubts :joy_cat::smile_cat::kissing_cat:

I’m thinking that this is in MC’s POV?
And how can MC knows all the physical details of everyone and all the objects in the blind route?!?

And how can MC experience pain or get hurt (we only know that we got hurt cause we feel pain) or tell how soft the sheets feel when can’t tell when got hurt or differences between hot and cold in hypoesthetic route?!?

I mean can the AI understand or communicate with the mute MC?!?

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There are some bugs that will be fixed as I go along doing fixes at the start. In the blind route, the MC can sense certain characteristics of a person due to their ‘‘power’’ (will make this go more smoothly and accurately once I get to re-writing stuff).
As for the hypoesthetic, things will also become more clearer with re-writes.
I’m sorry I couldn’t give a good enough answer to your question(s). :sweat: These changes will be seen at the start of Chapter 3 though.


:joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: it’s ok, it’s still a WiP after all…


happy 2021 :grinning:


Update time!

Hello everyone, hope you’ve been doing well and happy belated Christmas and New Year!

I finally managed to update the story with a small snippet into Chapter 2. I had planned to have it done for Christmas as a gift, but a week before I got a nasty surprise and things came to a halt again after I had just gotten the wheel rolling. Everything is fine, thankfully (special thanks to my parents and friends who kept me from falling back into the hole I spent years crawling out of).

Sadly, I don’t have any art to provide this update (A’s kinda hard to draw ugh).

If you find any misspellings, bugs, or scenes not adding up, feel free to let me know.
Any questions and suggestions are also much appreciated.

I’ll try to get the next update out somewhere at the end of February. By then, things should be more clearer for me and hopefully, I can destress a little. But until then, hope you enjoy and stay safe!


@DecryptedDev just wanted to let you know that just after you finish bathing and you leave your room, you “ask” the AI for directions to the dining room. My MC is mute so shouldn’t you sign to the AI?

Wait how does one sign to an AI?

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