REMEMBER, YOU WILL DIE [wip, updated 16.12.2020]

I really enjoyed the demo and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Some things I noticed:


Because of a save space you allow them to have - Maybe you meant to write safe space

I don’t have to remind you that if you fail to fullfill another job - Fulfill

Also, I probably missed it, but I don’t think it was ever explained why the mc needs glasses when they’re outside.

Lastly, is there another link to the tumblr? Unfortunately, the one on top doesn’t lead me anywhere.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for right now! The demo has me hooked and I can’t wait for more :relaxed:!

thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it <3

I’ll fix the typos as soon as I can, thanks for pointing then out :slight_smile:

here is the link to the blog!

To the point about the sunglasses: I’m quite sure I mentioned that everyone around you wears them due to the lights of the city, but I’ll go back and look if I didn’t include that and only left it in my notes :smiley:


so, I’ve finally managed to complete chapter two! the overall word count changes from roughly 10k to around 21k without code. average walkthrough is around 17k. I think I ended up rewriting the beginning of the chapter 4 times and I’m semi-happy, so if you have any comments or tips for improvements (in case it’s boring) let me know!! I’ll definitely go back to write a little more to the entire dante/delilah scene in the next few days.

this update includes

  • completed stats screen
  • fixed typos and missing stat changes
  • you’ll interact more with almost all characters/romance options
  • you’ll get to choose your style AND your fake ID!!! pls someone tell me they get it
  • some more terrible smart-ass comments you’ll get to choose!

NEW CONTENT WARNINGS : graphic violence (depending on your stats), needles and suicide are mentioned


let me know about any typos , grammatical issues , coding issues, feelings on the fight scene or simply overall concerns or comments you have!


I found some bugs!

Edit:Another one!

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thank u v much! I fixed them all <3

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Oh no! :joy: It’s a very persistent bug

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AaaaaaaAah it makes me happy to see a new update!! I’m a little bit late but… yeah!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Soo… the killing part okokokok alright! I got it! No problem! :muscle:
And then D! D went to mc’s house only once but already lives in my mind rent free~ Such a charming character… Or at least that’s how they look!
Also fake Id Ripley??! Uhmm?? YES?! THANKS!! :sunglasses:

Some typos from ch2

-missing "
"You got stabbed on the way home? How nice, how original. She scoffs, rolling her dark eyes exasperated.

-the uninvited you’re
She rolls her eyes. “I’m not that forgetful, no matter how many you’re old jokes you have stored in your peanut brain.”

-missing c in announces
It’s a fast, noisy and simply breathtakingly beautiful sports car that announes itself by the way the engine purrs.

“E. Ripley. Warrant officer. Pretty new to the job. Let’s hope no aleins try to kill you.”

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At first, I kinda don’t want to read this. But then I give it a try and… I love it :sob:
I really love the sarcasm choices haha
Can’t wait for the next update, good work​:clap::raised_hands:


thank u!!! I’m very glad u decided to give it a try <3

@Kyumm thanks so much for pointing out those typos! I’ll remove them with the next update :smiley: I’m also very happy u like Dante/Delilah <3


Found this on tumblr, but I’ve gotta mention it again that I adore the mc in this one. They’re such a chaotic mess, imperfect but capable. It’s very refreshing to read and play as (and I can already tell the angst will be so juicy with D if we choose them as a past partner)


Wow I really love the world building, I can really feel the grime which is great. Prolly going to draw my MC and Jax and I love the name Sol idk why it’s nice!

I also really really love how you can be a snarky asshole and the humor is on point too!

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