REMEMBER, YOU WILL DIE [126k wip, updated 31.03.2024]

Jax can be incorrect about merc, and earn that forgiveness in whatever form that takes (without an apology) later, because he’s worried about how one thug being dead is going to blow back on everyone and not just merc. It affects Orla, the S&S club, and everyone even tangentially affiliated with them. It affects Jax, and everyone he’s concerned with, like his other “siblings” with Mirage who might be targeted just for associating with merc. I consider those reasons more than enough to support his reaction. It’s very fair.

I do see the other side, though. Merc’s got no actual reason to lie about killing that rando, since it isn’t one of those things to be terribly concerned with in a setting like Vapolis, but that’s why exactly why Jax not believing is a tad annoying. The merc isn’t shy about killing the few losers crossing their path that earn it; why deny this one single corpse as their work? That should be an alarm bell no matter how erratic they indubitably are. Though this is just my take.

I’d rather actually read what’s going to happen next since I fully trust Mara’s ability to keep things rolling in cool, and chaotically humorous fashion. I definitely look forward to Echo’s “Sword Quest” and other fun side ventures, that’s for sure, though I’m not sure how much longer Orla can be kept waiting.

I do have a critique about the blog, though: you feed us way too well over there! Whether you have, or haven’t put much thought in it, I support the idea of patreon/ko-fi exclusives. People are 100% going to boo this critique, though. :face_with_peeking_eye:


@Barbie86 exactly!! you get it and I’m honestly relieved that someone does lmao I feel like people see the merc in an entirely different light to how they really are. they have killed before for less so jax assuming, based on how he knows the merc to act and react when someone comes for them, is entirely in character for him. especially after warning the merc not to go there and it now seeming like they did anyway.

that death will have bigger repercussions I’ll get into but I hope more people will realize until then that his reaction and the way he treats the merc considering everything that has happened (as well as everything that has been alluded to bc reading whats written in the text a little more carefully would really benefit some ppl that say they think how he acts is outrageous) is pretty in character for everyone involved bc of what is at stake here.

and royal is an entire different issue we will get into, but you’re pretty right that this isn’t their world. they don’t operate in it the way jax and the merc and orla do and it hits closer to home to them being involved in that way even if they offered to help themself.

@M_M thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the game and hope you’ll have lots of fun w jax and d <3

@LadyUmbreon89 yeah, you understand what’s at stake here for him as well and how he reacted! I’m glad that the issue with this murder and the potential blowback was smth that came across in the past chapter.

yeah, I def understand why it might seem annoying and the choice for the merc to be annoyed by it as time goes on will also be added because I think neither the merc nor jax should have to just… take what happened and act like its nothing. getting accused of a murder like that is a big blow to the merc and in return, fearing retaliation to people he cares about isn’t smth I’ll make jax apologize about. but that’s why conflict like that is interesting to me. both sides are right, both sides can be stubborn about it.

I’m very excited to explore what happens next with the murder and orla and echo’s quest will come up sooner rather than later :relieved: I will think about your suggestion as well, thank you!!


Hope we get some Jax time next update. Miss my best bud. :wink:

every RO will have their time to shine next chapter :relieved: it’ll be a long one again!


Finally got a chance to play the update, it was amazing!


There’s a really weird disconnect I’m having with this story. I thought the merc is supposed to be dangerous or at least capable? Bro can’t even win a fight without getting hurt. Also Why is everybody allowed to do whatever they want to you and you can’t retaliate? Normally I wouldn’t care but way mc talks about himself and the way others talk about them. I don’t I expected something different.


I don’t really understand your complaint considering that the merc has won every single fight they’ve been in thus far?

getting shot at doesn’t equal weakness and them being considered dangerous doesn’t make them invincible. or repels bullets when they’re actively being shot at while focussed on other people they want to get out. this game won’t have the merc rush through it completely unharmed for the sake of some power fantasy coming true.


The merc is constantly being disrespected by everyone who talks to them. You can even be menacing without the other person still getting in the last word. Can’t get through a single altercation without getting hurt. You agree to work with the vipers they beat your ass and you still do the job with them. I’m supposed to believe this person is dangerous wild dog? You only get through confrontations because the story needs you too not because of your skill.


the vipers only “beat your ass” if you miss out on doing something beforehand so I don’t see how that’s an issue? you can avoid that quite easily and having previous choices actually matter, to me anyway, is more fun than being the top dog from the get go.

again, I don’t understand your point about always getting hurt. it’s just not true. the track record of the merc has been pretty stellar so far and getting hit in return is normal in a fight and keeps things interesting. in the last chapter they’ve pretty much been a one man army towards the end despite being shot and the vipers acknowledge that and respect them for it.

it seems to me however that you have a general issue with how things are set up so I don’t think this game/wip is really for you considering I won’t have the merc be overpowered and act like they’re the boss when that’s not what their role is.


The mc is pretty much delusional and them saying they are the best is a coping mechanism. Or maybe you mean top dog, as in a dog with a collar being dragged by Orla.

It’s not about being overpowered there’s a dissonance between what is happening in the story. Is the Merc capable or not? Is the merc dangerous or not? Why is every conversation the merc have is them getting shit on by someone and their only response is generic marvel character jokes? Why is Jax pushing me against a car and I can’t lay his ass out? Choices matter? Then I would like some choices were my character doesn’t look a wimp all the damn time. This supposed to a cyberpunk story and everyone else acts like it. Except the merc


thanks for your opinion I guess but the way things are set up will not change so I suggest looking for a different story.


I just finished your WIP, and it was aweseome. I like the characters very much (mc, ros and others). I think I get what the other posters criticise, they want to have a power trip. Yeah well, there are many games out there, that scratch that itch, I’m really glad that this game is not that kind of game.

IMO the characters reaction is very understandable. They live in a city like this and are still alive? They obviously know when to pick a fight and when better not. Trying to beat up Jax after he accuses mc, is definitely not something that would contribute to the mercs surviving. Not necessarily because Jax would kill him, but because of all the repercussions that would bring. Getting maimed or maiming the right hand man of Orla is JUST NOT A GOOD IDEA. (You can push him away though, that’s good enough).

Well, I like playing the merc as they are and I’m glad that you won’t change the direction.

I’m really looking forward to that sword, and I hope there will be a scene where the merc can just chill and the Sinners/Saints and satisfy whatever they crave (even if it’s just sleep). I played it with alcohol and physical closeness.

On an other note, I seldom play games, where all ros are so interesting, I really can’t decide which I enjoy the most. I love the tension with Jax, but I think that would be something like a one-night-stand my MC craves. And with Dante I love the idea of “friendship” slowly getting more meaning to the merc. I have different feelings about every ro, and I’m looking forward about how this plays out.


Will I ever get to Put Jax in his place because I want him to feel that I can take his life if I wanted even though he outrank’s me

I still love the wip but sometimes I want the merc to run wild

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I don’t want a power trip I want jax to understand how dangerous the merc is instead of trying to use his status as right hand to make him feel stronger

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Let’s just say.

I was given the option to “not let this go” that it doesn’t get ignored from that point onward.

I played truthfully in all my options to that point too. I also dont select the violent paths. In the book, it states that on specific jobs have killed or lied otherwise, don’t. Which is ok and I do know as I personally do get this. More than couple in here think anyway considering their words.

Probably because they associate cyberpunk genre with Cyberpunk game which is a power fantasy. Seldom do you see a happy go lucky merc in such a brutal setting.

A Power fantasy would make this game boring

Awesome so far. Characters are interesting and the world is very detailed and vibrant in a dark gritty way. Interested in seeing where everything is going.


Can’t wait for another update with our jaxxie!
We gotta get pinned to a wall or table next time guys :eyes: