REMEMBER, YOU WILL DIE [126k wip, updated 31.03.2024]

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Welcome back @bruisedsoldier

Did you get us any Gift? :sweat_smile:


Yes! The author has been really busy with the game. You can check the Tumblr page for more information. But there has been some rewrites, and it turned out great. Go check it out. I really like the insanity of this game, and the MC :sunglasses:


Thanks, but I rather wait for an update. Social Medias are bad for my health lol

Finally, maybe we will get a gem of a cyberpunk game Woot!


There’s a link to the updated game here.


already playing…and I’m dying. :headstone:

I think I lost a lung at this part alone… :joy:

You imagine yourself slicing your bread with the sword and have to admit that… that would look really fucking cool.

“I can’t believe this,” Royal mutters, ripping you away from your amazing daydream. “You’re actually thinking about it?”

“No!” you’re quick to deny.

I would…only with a katana. which is worse :rofl:


hello everyone!! been a while since I actually posted on here, but I’m back now and have reworked the demo a lot. you can find the link to the new demo here (I’ll also change it in the intro post to the thread) and I hope anyone reading likes it! I’m personally a lot happier with this version :slight_smile:


Welcome back! How have you been? Not buried under ton of sliced bread are you? lol

Did you change the picture? Ohhh…

Btw, just out of curiosity. But have you ever watched this old old movie called ‘Remember Charlie’ ? Cause if you didn’t, I totally recommend it.

Also, why no choice for ‘Have one Arm and one Leg’ as cyber?

Aw you changed the sunglasses? Where are the Aviator Sunglasses? hey those are as classic as driving a Harley! Nothing beat that lol

Jaximus! Make me wanna say Avé Cesar right after! and the punch that would follow from him…would be warranted and totally worth it. :grin:

hi! no, I haven’t been buried under sliced bread sadly. it does sound delicious though.

I haven’t watched the movie. as for the changes, some were necessary just to limit flavour text in a way? I want them to matter this time around but I can def add those glasses again. it’s a small fix. I hope you’ll enjoy the changes and antagonizing jax haha


It wouldn’t be a good life in Vapolis if you don’t act like a pain in the ass now, would it? :joy:

Yeah sure. The smell of ton of bread, until you eat your weigh and hear the agonizing sound of the floor giving underneath your ass…lol

True story! and they say The Scale was the only victim! Ah…if only they knew! Lol

yeah, being a pain to be around is what gets the job done in a city like that :joy: and I can see why the sliced bread could become a problem but until then the merc can produce more w their katana ig

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So…if I win Orla over…what that make her huh? :rofl:

And don’t you tell her! I betcha she already has a ditch somewhere with my name on it, (Jaximus did the digging) ready for me.

@bruisedsoldier sheesh…that scene with Orla going all

You may wanna add some trigger warning there! ‘Hot menaupose flashes’ :grin:

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Just finished the story. Love it! Can’t wait to updates :heart_eyes: also love the way how my character can be stoic, merciful and disturbed :two_hearts::smirk:


LETS GO I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Seriously, so happy to see it updated!


@Elden_The_Trickster thank you! that’s a very nice trait combo :joy:

@Autumn_Bomb I’m very happy to be back working on it! thanks for sticking around :smiling_face:


Good story, I have a bone to pick however. Although my character is supposedly stoic, he seems to act very quick witted and charming during interactions, having quick and snarky comebacks. Ive only played a bit, but does that change as my stoic increases? Because currently the personality of mc doesnt seem to be the cold and brooding im going for


right now the stats change flavour text only occassionally, but it’s something I need to implement more once I get to editing parts of the wip


Oh man I love my bad bitch. She is so crazy and never shuts up. Loves teasing Jax and murder.

:heart_eyes: this is her. She (fake) smiles all the time and wears heart shades.


I find it amusing that ANY crime lord worth their salt would believe that their best hitman would supposedly leave their weapons at a murder scene while being in jail. I honestly hate these people, lol. My MC could do better… But I’d still totally smash Jax and ignore any of the drama!

Hot people get away with anything lol.

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