Relics of the Lost Age (WIP) - UPDATED 28/03/2020 (Chapter 5) - Post 233 for details

I never trust someone is dead unless the MC can see the body. :face_with_monocle:


But the stats screen says he’s dead! The stats screen wouldn’t lie, surely!


Har har… I distrust everything!! Even the stats screen! :rofl:


Thank you!


PROGRESS UPDATE: not going quite as fast as I’d hoped (it turns out that you do still have to do some work when you’re working from home, sadly), but solid progress is being made. Half-way there, I reckon. There will be reunions with old friends, slums, plague-pits, fancy parties, gangsters, unconvincing Cockney dialogue, big fights and the chance to spend half the chapter dressed as one of Santa’s elves. Will be fun, I hope!


Certainly sounds like fun!

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Oh, there ate three things that sound really good, well two, the plague pit just made my curiosity grow. The gangsters and the possibility of dressing as a Santa’s elf are very appealing. Will the MC have the possibility to fight dressed as a Santa’s elf?? please say yes

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Oh yes. And in fact it’s just occurred to me, because of this chapter’s set up, that the Chapter 5 sex scene(s) could ALSO involve MCs who are dressed as Santa’s elves …

I could have some fun with that.


Oh! Will be great to kick some asses with an MC dressed like that. :rofl: (Talking about costumes it remembered me once, I was dressed as a pink bunny and put a chef’s hat… Then I scared some children because they thought I was going to eat them, I’ll be going to hell after that, I know.)
Returning to your game, I really enjoy playing it and I’m looking forward to let it finished and buy it. Not in all games you can wear an elf costume :rofl:


I’m curious about the Santa elf outfit.

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You’ll have to wait and see! But I swear, there’s a legitimate story reason why it makes sense …


Looking forward to finding out!


Chapter 5 has gone up. If you don’t have a save close to the end of 4, just play through the Prologue and you can skip right to it! Just over 250k now, with just one main chapter and the Endgame to go. New chapter details below.

Chapter 5: The Eye of Kali

London, United Kingdom, 1936. Christmas is coming, and Dickensian snow blankets the streets and rooftops of the festive metropolis. But there will be no peace and goodwill for Dr. Spillane. A notorious art thief strikes at the British Museum and makes off with a star exhibit, and our hero has just one night to track it down. And it’s a night they won’t forget. Join them as they team up with a couple of much-missed old friends to launch a frantic investigation which will take them right across the city, from the toxic slums of Limehouse to the Royal Suite at the Savoy Hotel, hounded every step by a psychotically violent East End crime-lord with an old score to settle.

Silent Night? More like Violent Night!

Featuring a wildly OTT new old baddie, ESME AND FRICKIN’ ABDUL, Batman if Batman was a 1930s nonbinary criminal, copious Christmas hijinks and shenanegans, and a bit where you can drive a car through a department store.

Content Warnings: Not much, by the standards of recent chapters. Lots of violence, some cursing, one optional, not massively explicit, sex scene. That’s really it, I think!

Thanks in advance for all comments, suggestions, complaints and wise counsel. Hope you like it!


Wow! That was quite the ride! Love it!

Hey will we meet the big boss of Operation Lingvi?

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Glad you liked it!

You already have - the head of Operation Lyngvi is Schneider! The only person he answers to is Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS - and I don’t have any plans for the MC to meet Himmler! (Trying to keep real historical people out of it for the most part).


Ok. Is Sam an RO?

I enjoyed playing this in another game of HG and I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it again in this one!


@lokidemon007 No. Sam’s the MC’s student, and I decided that making them an RO would be predatory and creepy. They’re just good buddies!

@Freja Oh no! Can you remember what the other HG was? I hope I haven’t done accidental plagiarism!


I laughed out loud and startled my dog when I read this.

Thank you for giving me the mental picture of being enthusiastic about driving a car through a huge store :slight_smile:


Indeed, you’re very welcome. I can’t do tht in real life! Don’t judge me xD

@Schliemannsghost it’s in Breach, the Archangel job.