"Relics of the Lost Age" Post-Release Discussion Thread

You have to do it two times for it to shift

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There is a stat change when you give it to the synagogue. However, because the stats screen displays Standing stats as text rather than numbers, it doesn’t shift it enough to change the text. But the underlying number has gone up!

The Standing stats are designed to shift across the whole trilogy, so they move rather more slowly than the Skill or Personality stats. They’re meant to represent long-term things that change over many years, so you won’t see them quickly change in the same way as other types of stats.


ok,thank you very much,that´s good to know,although I´m still curious as to why I can´t choose to talk with the poor at the semi final chapterbecause it is grayed out even though I: Gave the first relic to the synagogue,the second to Tibet,the fourth to Cleo (to me,it sounded as an option with at least a low increase in supporting the oppressed) and gave the fifth to the guy who stole it,I thought that was enough to unlock the option of talking with the homeless people,but I end up being able to just use my fortune,maybe I´m doing something wrong? And thakns for the answer,that explained a lot to me

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You get more for giving it to the Efe than for giving it to Cleo (though you get a little for giving it to Cleo). And the advice that you give to the Efe about what to do in the future also gives you an extra boost. If you want to max that stat, those are the decisions to look at!


Speaking of the stats politics, I think if you sided with the powerful it should open some new options too. If you side with the oppressed, you get new options but not the inverse, helping the powerful should give you some friends too.


Yeah, I think that happens once or twice in the first book, but then I didn’t really do it in the second. I’ll try to find a couple of moments to do that in Book 3.


I didn’t think it was possible to experience third hand fictional embarrassment but when I found Mariah’s dirty little secret I basically melted like one of those Nazi’s zapped by the green orb. :dotted_line_face:

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I’ve decided to replay this game so that I can get a save state and play the second one. Before I gave this 4/5 now it’s a complete 5/5 game for me. As an Asian its fun stepping in the shoes of a greedy white archaeologist taking the side of the oppressors and being an all-around selfish and opportunistic prick lmao. This game enabled me to play a scumbag without being totally evil. Someone who wont get his hands dirty too much. At best you’re a morally grey person and not a complete psychopath.

Anyway, a couple of questions.

  1. Am I right to assume that the default names are associated with your character’s nationality? If so, can someone tell me what races correspond to the names? I still havent figured how to be a Russian or Indian. My greedy Spillane is always Irish.

  2. How do you come up with the right conclusions in chapter 3 on why the blues singer didnt commit the robbery? After my greedy playthrough I’m gonna play a good guy.

  3. Finally, you can romance Gabriela in the 2nd game right?

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As far as I understand, your ethnicity is set by a conversation with Sam in the desert, when they ask you about how you feel about being called an Aryan at the start of the chapter. I’m told you need to pick the “that’s technically innacurate”, but I don’t know because “they’re using Aryan incorrectly” is the least of my objections to Nazis.

The way I do it is noticing the writing in the Satanic symbol at the museum, and then noticing in the logbook that he had to sign with an X because he’s illiterate. Dunno if there’s another way.



Not sure I got her name right but I’m talking about the woman who’s working with the Nazis at first. The archaeologist who can be your ex, ex-friend etc. Depending on your choices. The one whom Paulus wanted to hook up with.

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Ah, Maria. Yes, I think you can romance her on Book 2.


Cool! I cant think of a more fitting romance for my greedy archaeologist than Maria lol.

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Hello there I got another question. If the tactical genius achievement is obtained during the Congo siege, what do I do in order to get it? What defenses should I put up?

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To get the achievement, you need a) to end the siege with more of your people alive than the Nazis (which is tough, as you start out outnumbered); and b) not to have let either Sam or Cleo get seriously hurt.

Message 38 on this thread contains a guide for the Congo seige. Follow that, take care of Sam and Cleo, and you should get the achievement!


When you have 45 minutes before the fight, put the light and the gun on the walls and then pick whatever choice you have the highest stat in or one of the historian/survivalist options. During the fight itself, pick whatever choices correlate to your highest stat, send Cleo and Sam to the Southgate, send reinforcements when asked, and don’t die. That should do it

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Hi All,

Can anyone help with podium please

This is the order i put them and i have tried a few different approaches but cant figure this out?

Pod 1 - Manuel
Pod 2 - Chantelle
Pod 3 - Eye of Khali
Pod 4 - Shambala
Pod 5 - Breastplate
Pod 6 - Dragon

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Correct podium order below:

Manuel, Shambala, Eye of Kali, dragon, breastplate, Chantelle.


Thank you

I have a question, if Spillane leaves Stevo after they are captured in Tibet, how do they know he died? I figured we were leaving him somewhere safe with food and medical care but it keeps referencing that Stevo is dead. It was just a little jarring as there was nothing in the text that I noticed to imply this outcome.

Because he only survives if he is healed by the relic