Relics 3: Ashes for Gold UPDATED 22 January, Chapter 3, post 213 for details

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I AM GOING TO SCREAM :scream_cat::joy_cat::speak_no_evil:
Also omg, there was only one (1) bed trope my beloved,


Figures, I missed the huge Maria discussion but I’ll throw in my two cents anyway; in defense of her actions in the first game, as has already been said, she only help them because she thought she was scamming them and all of this artifact stuff was bullshit; I doubt she actually would’ve helped them if she knew what they actually could’ve been able to do, and she actively goes with you to help you stop them in the conclusion so there’s that. on the not so good side, she must have at least known some things about their ideology, even the nastier parts, but pushed it aside for money and to prove something to herself, as she mentions in the second game. oh, and yeah, as an archaeologist, with the actual work, she’s just terrible. Completely and utterly terrible to the point where it’s almost funny. As I see it, she’s not a bad person overall, she’s not evil, but she’s not a really moral person either,. It really depends on what you think her motives are for switching sides, and how much of her bullshit you can take


UPDATE: I’m so sorry for the prolonged delay on this!

The good news: I think it’s now a matter of days before the Chapter 3 update. I’ve had to scale it back a little: I was originally planning to release Chapter 3 and Interlude 3 together, but it’s taking me so damn long to write Chapter 3 that I think I’ll just put that out on its own and roll the interlude into the next update. I’m scheduled to travel at the start of next week (to a very Relicsy New Orleans, in fact), but by that stage we should be into proofreading and playtesting, and I should be able to make time to do that on the trip (maybe even on the plane!), so it shouldn’t interfere with the update.

Thanks for your patience again. I think this will be a good update, though. Expect a mystery, some María-based developments (if she’s not dead), a new bangable NPC companion (if she is dead), cryptography, dark academia, a bicycle race and some fat bottomed girls. Do it for Queen and country!


I do want to ride my bicycle.

Who make the rocking world go round.

Who were the champions, my friend.

No more great pretender, though.


What in the writing process was it that led you to underestimate the amount of time you needed by so much? Was it mystery-specific coding issues? I don’t mean to be prying if it’s life issues; I’m just a bit curious.

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It’s a mix of things. I had some motivation problems to begin with. Then I went back to the family home for Christmas and New Year and didn’t have as much time to work on it as I thought I would. Then there was Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey…


Lizzy wasn’t the queen at this point. Do it for the King I suppose would be more correct.


It’s a dumb joke. There were some references to Queen the band in the previous sentence.

I think, at this point, Lizzie was maintaining trucks as a mechanic for the British army, like Cleo in the story (who is also a queen).


On that we all can agree.


Awww…no sexy Zhu stuff…or even sexy guys at all. :disappointed:

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Chapter 4 is Zhu’s chapter, so he’s coming soon. (plus, the replacement Maria can be male!)



After a pretty long delay, it’s finally here!

Chapter 3 is live! Take a trip down memory lane as you send your hero back to their old college town. And this time there’s a twist. In addition to finding the Archive as usual, you’ve also been asked to unmask a traitor lurking on the faculty of an ancient Oxford college. Time to put on your thinking caps and get deducing, in a classic Christie-style mystery where everybody’s a suspect and everybody has a secret just waiting to be revealed!

As always, any feedback would be appreciated. However, I have a special request. I find it very hard to get a sense of how hard / easy this mystery is. So if you give me feedback, then please, in addition to your other comments, let me know whether you were able to solve the mystery or not, and whether you thought it was too easy or too hard. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy sleuthing!

Coming in the Next Update:
Go to the Caribbean with Zhu (if he’s not dead) for a relaxing beach vacation. One part of that sentence is a lie.


What happens if Zhu died in Honk Kong? We go with someone else? Haha


Nope. You’ll solo it! (Just wait for Chapter 5: in that one, you’ll do it alone, or you’ll do it with one companion, or you’ll do it with two companions, depending on who is and isn’t alive at that point! That’s gonna get complicated to write…)


I’m writing as I read. After the dinner, in the room Maria’s dialogue ends with " who do you think?". Maybe consider changing it to Who do you suspect- it flows better.


I’m still in the process of excitedly playing through, but thought I’d drop in a quick bug spot! When speaking to Amy after dinner, about who we thought the spy might be, the scene then cycled back to conversing with Glass again. It doesn’t break the game though, since I could still replay that and then move on to the next day.

Also there’s a little typo in the field notes, Looks like I have a loy of digging to do.

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Oh thank you! I’ll look into that bug when I get back home.


Darcy tomb mystery is alright in terms of difficulty but symbols in the tomb can be given somewhat more or better explanation. Wasn’t able to understand them fully. Nice touch with Greek mythology though.

P.S. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Gunplay is the best stat


Do you mean the alchemical symbols or the objects they’re holding? Either way I can certainly look at making them clearer.