Relics 3: Ashes for Gold UPDATED 16th August, Chapter 6, see Post 554 for details

What @Sujan_Dhakal said though i personally tend to switch out gunplay for charm because reactions more than make up for it in combat situations, and a little bit of athleticism, it’s a build that’s worked well for me in the past two games.

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The true Indiana Jones tradition is taking almost as much as you dish. Of course, remember the hat.


My thing with gun play is that there are those occasions were you absolutely have to fight with either you’re gone or just sheer fighting skills and as reactions does work with guns occasionally, gun play is more reliable

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I’m happy to announce that the character named by the winner of the One Million Word Contest a few months back will be making their appearance in the next update, Chapter 6.

Get ready to meet Lieutenant Jalen Johnson, a US Air Force navigator who’s supposed to guide the plane that will air-drop our hero into Japan, but who ends up going on a much bigger adventure than that!


I need help will anyone tell me the correct combo to pass the bulls horns without help from the team?

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The First Seal: south, north. The Second Seal: east, west; The Third Seal: west, south; The Fourth Seal: west, east.


Got it thank you man!!


My other question is this: does saving consuelo do anything plot wise?

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Not in book 2, but if you do, Conseulo will be back in Book 3!


I really love the wedding interlude.One thing I have to say about it is that it really feels wholesome: Spillane and their spouse (Esme for me) are just doing their thing and making each other happy without anything going wrong (well, for most playthroughs). One of the defining features of this series is how each book and chapter has these twists and turns of fortune, and it just feels so nice to have a day to do something right.


So is it just me, or does Survivalist tend to have a rather large advantage in a large number of situations? I’ve noticed that it tends to do a terrific job at plugging skill gaps where usually a Subterfuge check is wanted.


Survivalist is the most “active” of the four specialisms, so it plugs skill gaps more often than the others. The other three more often get you special dialog options rather than plug skill gaps. But I think they’re all useful at different points.


If you are a survivalist you shouldn’t invest in subterfuge but if you have good subterfuge you shouldn’t choose survivalist as your specialization


I love this series I cannot wait for the finale to come out definitely buying it !!


Also Jow do you figure out who Winter is in chapter 5?

You have to think outside the box.

Spoilerish hint: The listed suspects are a red herring, Winter can be anybody at the school. Think about everybody who might meet the requirements, even if they’re not listed as a suspect.

Straight up spoiler answer: It’s David, your mentor figure.

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I have been rewatching person of interest it’s only of my absolute favorite shows :). How would one play as John Reese? I can guess fisticuffs and shooting not sure about athletics and charm and the others

Also anyone know how one would play as green arrow? Help please

Progress update: Chapter 6 is coming, though it’s been pretty slow going so far. There’s quite a large cast of new characters in this chapter, and it’s been hard work establishing them all, but things are speeding up now. Expect a big military adventure, lots of intra-group tensions, dogfights, plane crashes, long treks across wilderness locations in Japan, a first look at the real Big Bad, Professor Sabine Schneider, and even a haiku rap battle!

EDIT: For clarification, by “dogfights”, I mean fights between planes, not the animal cruelty kind of dogfight!