Relics 3: Ashes for Gold UPDATED 16th August, Chapter 6, see Post 554 for details

Incidentally, in case anyone is curious, please find the Maximum Angst wedding route under the spoiler tag:

  1. Have an RO other than Abdul, Esme or Rémy locked in by the end of Book 2.

  2. Get engaged to your RO in Book 3.

  3. Cheat on your RO in Egypt.

  4. Don’t confess your infidelity when given the chance.

  5. Ask Stevo to give the speech at the wedding.

  6. Um…enjoy the wedding, I guess…


That was not fun, like, at all


If the people opted out of the marriage, I could agree. But some people might have started the relationship in this book, making it impossible to marry someone.
But I understand it would be too much to add.


Saw the scene tag in the code as “clusterfuck” and I chuckled to myself. The tag did not disappoint!

Great work, as always.


Two mistakes that I saw were in Cleo speech, first word of the page was the but t not in capital. At the end of Cleo speech, name of Zhu was mentioned as the one giving the speech.


Thanks, will correct.

I might come back and add more content at a later point, but right now I’m kinda sick of this interlude so I’ll prob press on to Chapter 6!


You’re just saying this so nobody will suspect the truth: that you become a crying mess at weddings.


Maybe Anderson crying at the wedding is a way for the author to say he sacrificed his possible relationship because he preferred to write :rofl:

@Schliemannsghost why the Carxite needed to be grown inside children? Why it can’t be grow inside adults or non-sentient beings?


Can confirm, looks like you fixed it


Truer than you know!

As for your question, I think we’ll be getting more into that stuff at the end of the game, so I don’t wanna spoil it yet!


I loved the interlude, my favorite speech for sure was Zhu’s very beautiful, one mistake I found was if Remy does the speech at Spillane and Esme’s wedding he says he only met Esme now in London but they met in Paris. And then we’ll have a honeymoon with our RO? I can only say that I really enjoyed the excellent work.


IIRC they didn’t met. you go alone to meet him at Mulan Rouge.

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What are the nb Ro’s physical body?

I know, but the next day we meet him (I believe it’s in the cemetery doesn’t quite remember the place where we’re dealing with more clues from the crusader’s tomb) and Esme is together with Spillane and they know each other, so they didn’t meet in London.

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It’s been a long time since I played the second game, I didn’t remember him at the cemetery.

Wait who’s getting married?! Lol

The MC, with any RO you have been with since the 1st or 2nd book if you propose.


With the exception of Remy

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The Amazonian is AFAB, considering they were once described as a “shadowy female figure.” Do not point this out to them, considering that the editor of the newspaper that reported it came into his office the next morning to find a message about it.


Pls oh pls tell me that our MC can start a family at the end of the game (havin kids and such) :pleading_face:

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