Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb UPDATED 4 April 2021 - Chapter 5 (post 491 for details!)

But you also get a free Beretta and a cheap silenced pistol if you go that route, so you still get something out of going to London!

You get periodic updates on your speed, telling you whether you’re going fast, slow or medium. The last one you had was at the start of Venice. You’ll get another update at the start of Chapter 6. I’m considering adding something to the stats screen that can give you a real-time assessment of how you’re doing, if I can figure out how to implement it!

EDIT: As for saves, I’m afraid I don’t know how to add a delete/rename saves option. That’s not my code: I use CJW’s save system for dashingdon, and I’m not a competent enough coder to know how to mess with it!


Yeah its integrated in the story text but its hard to keep track of for me atleast i would appreciate a stat bar for progress in race whether you want it or not could be left to options in settings for those who want more immersion isnt it??

Dont get me wrong i dont want to mess with the idea of how you want to tell story and the line between fiction and non fiction but stat bar makes things a more clearer for me cause there are exerpts in the story where you make good time on roads so i want to see how much that impacts my time saving or being ahead of others so if its in numbers or percentage things get more accurate


No, it’s definitely a good idea! I’m going to invest a bit of time before I push on with Chapter 6 in setting up a chapter save system. When I’ve done that, I’ll look at adding a progress tracker to the stat screen, and try to implement that too. I’ll let people know when I’ve updated.


Oi @Schliemannsghost , lol when will be the next dosage of Maria smooching and betrayal?


Not in Chapter 6 I’m afraid. But you’ll have Ariadne Stokes to help take your mind off Maria in that chapter.


Aww Devils, lol I have a weird feeling 'bout this character…

Getting evil hottie vibes, you’re building a lot of hype for her James.
She’s gonna way worse than Maria, isn’t she?
How much interaction will Ariadne and MC gonna have?


Please could you spoiler-tag that image? Konoi doesn’t like art-blended images, remember.

They’ll have some interactions. Memorable ones…


Done and lol looking forward for this hot vampiress looking character.


Whoa Ariadne is introduced in Transylvania?
And she looks like that?


Latest Tumblr nonsense: a sneak-peek character profile of Ariadne Stokes!

There’s no direct spoilers of events in Chapter 6, but still, those who are very spoiler-averse might prefer to stay away. You can find it here.


@Schliemannsghost Will you be mentioning Elizabeth Balthory in the upcoming chapter?


Oh, I’m sure she’ll get a mention!


Any comparisons made?




I am getting that vibe from her.


I’m excited to play through the new update! No idea if this is just me but I think I ran into some bugs while starting the demo from the beginning post ch 5 update?

One of the issues I had was that when I was inputting my choices from the first game, I chose that I had romanced Esme in the first game, and when it was time to decide who to take along with me on the journey, I had the option of taking Sam, Esme, or Cleo. I’m assuming that the Cleo option should be greyed out.

Another bug (unless this was an intentional change?) that I encountered was in the Paris chapter, where before, I had the option to sleep with Remy and start an open relationship with him. However, now I don’t have that option, instead I can only tell him I’m not interested or that I’m in a committed relationship. My apologies if that isn’t actually a bug, I haven’t been keeping up with the thread.


Oh, that’s odd. It sounds like it’s somehow locked you into the Cleo relationship as well as the Esme relationship. I don’t know why it would do that. I’ll take a look, thanks!


Progress Update: I’ve been focusing on adding new systems to existing content lately. It’s been a real struggle, and lots of variable-wrangling, but I think I’ve succeeded now in implementing two new systems, a chapter save system, and a quest progress tracker that lets you see how you’re doing on the race in the stats screen. I plan to test the heck out of them tomorrow, and maybe tomorrow night I’ll update and you can all go test them out for me! I’ll keep you posted!


Message incoming from Maria


No new content I’m afraid, BUT some exciting new features for existing content. There’s good news and bad news:

Good News: Two super-useful new features have been added to the current demo:

  1. A chapter save system. Now your stats and progress are saved at the beginning of every chapter, and, if you die or when you get to the end of the chapter, you’ll have the option to restore, go back to the start of the chapter, and replay it. This was a lot of work, and I’m basically 100% sure that there will be some issues with it (even though it has worked fine during my own playtesting, it’s simply impossible to mess with so many variables and there not to be errors!), so please, please, please tell me if you play the demo, experiment with the chapter saves, and something goes wrong.

  2. A progress tracker! Now, once the contest has got underway, you can consult your stats screen at any time to be told how many days it’s been since the start, and whether you are making fast, slow or medium progress. This feature should appear part-way through Chapter 1, after you leave the briefing in Harborough House.

The Bad News: These features are almost certainly not going to work with current/legacy saves. Sorry! However, they should be compatible with the demo-only chapter skip feature in the Prologue, so you don’t necessarily need to go right back to the start if you want to test them out!

Any feedback on people’s experiences with the new features would be very gratefully received.