Relics 2: The Crusader's Tomb UPDATED 23/01/2021 - Chapter 3

I personally understood the meaning of the numbers from the first time I saw them, but I love puzzles in general and so that may be why. Just to offer my input, I think it’s appropriately difficult and definitely possible to do without external sources.

Also, did you see the announcement of a new Indiana Jones game in production by Bethesda? Thought that might interest you @Schliemannsghost


Yes, I saw that earlier! Very exciting. And I never even noticed that Relics was coming out on the 40th Anniversary of “Raiders”! Maybe this’ll be the year when Indy nostalgia takes off, and I’ll accidentally be on trend, for once!


Will we be seeing Stevo again?

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I was wondering if it will be possible to break things off with a Relics 1 RO mid-game? I’m on the fence about romance-locking Zhu for my “canon” runthrough (so my Spillane can have bubbly!Zhu as her Amazing Race partner lol) or not – love Zhu but I don’t want to potentially ruin my chances with the unrevealed male RO!

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I’ve played the demo and there’s option to end things with Relic1 RO but you can’t take them as your partner if you do so. Not as far as I know.

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Dang! That makes sense. It’d be less coding/writing on @Schliemannsghost’s part, not having to deal with jealous partner drama and/or breakups mid-story.

I guess there’s not really a way to take Zhu with you without him being an endgame RO, huh?

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I’m not a native English speaker, so anyone helps me with the Ambrose riddles?

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Also I won’t lie, I just finished binging the entirety of the demo after clearing the first!!! And hearing that Maria gets to be a RO in this has my heart go :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: uwu :heart_eyes: :heartbeat: :heartpulse: !
I’m a huge sucker for the enemies to lovers trope and I loved loved LOVED the interactions between her and MC :smiley:

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This is such a mood, i feel you >< anyways! The answers to the riddles are as follows: DEAF, CAGED, DECADE, DEFACED . Hope this helps!


@lokidemon007 Yes! Chapter 4 will be a big chapter for people who enjoyed the first game! Plus, you’ll finally get your reward for keeping Stevo alive in Tibet!!!

@violet Yeah, you can’t take him with you unless he’s your current significant other. BUT - you will get to meet him if he’s not, and obviously there will be special dialogue if he’s the MC’s ex!

@wolfmarelalala See LadyH’s post above for the answers to the riddle.

@LadyH Yes, and if you choose the “ex-girlfriend” background for Maria in book 1, she can actually go lover to enemy to lover, which is even cooler in my book!


First if all, yeay Stevo is back! He’d definitely question my MC life choice and sanity when he found out MC is dating Zhu

Second, that info alone makes me want to try breakup route with Zhu. Will there be a chance to get back if MC stays single? I’m kinda wanting the angst with prince of darkness scene.


I haven’t decided yet. One of the difficulties I’m having with the whole “race” structure of this one is that the MC has to be constantly on the move, which doesn’t leave much time for affairs of the heart. But it may be possible to accommodate that, we’ll see.


Stevo won’t be surprised though, if your Spillane kissed Zhu in you guys’ tent in Tibet. Pretty sure Stevo was lucid enough to remember that happening hahaha.


ooh — I’m already anticipating the awkward, angsty energy hahaha


Will Stevo become an RO?

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Will we be able to meet Spillane’s parent in book 2?


Almost forgot about the parent part? There was no choice about parents in pre-made character so I think we might not see them.

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@lokidemon007 No.

@CraftyPrince No plans to in this game.


Dang on Stevo.

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I have a good idea for an “upgrade” to the revolver depending on the timing of this new adventure. As long as its post 1935 the browning Hi-power is a good pistol that has nice magazine size, nice “damage”, and as an added bonus was indies backup gun in raiders of the lost ark.

The quotes around upgrade and damage are as a result of such terms being subjective in most senses. As technically the best gun you can use and is the one you can keep properly working the best. And damage is subjective as most bullets at the time around ww2 are fairly close in terms of combat effectiveness. (Most round types are still in use today)

The big selling point of the Hi-power compared to a revolver is the magazine capacity. Holding 13 or potentially more bullets, depending on variants, means more ability to defend yourself even if you miss.

Lastly if you wanted to name the type of revolver used I’d check out the weebly or the s&w 1917. Both were used in the indiana jones movies and actually indy’s guns have an entire wiki dedicated to them which might be a good starting point.


Wow, thanks very much, that’s very helpful!


I loved the first game, I had to stop playing to come and tell you how much I like the story of part 2! it’s amazing, I love the characters! PLEASE LET US HAVE A LOVING TRIANGLE WITH CLEO AND MARÍA BEGGING YOU