Relationship Stats

Okay! If someone has answered something like this, please link me. I’m stumped how to write this.

I want to have relationship stats separated by friendly and romantic interactions, that way no one gets unwanted/unintetional romantic intereractions from characters, like below.

Friendly: 4
Romance: 2

I know how to code it itself, it’s putting it into the stats that I’m, for some reason confused on. How do I put it so players can see how many points for each they have? I can’t imagine I’d have to do *if ((John_Relationship >= 1) and (John_Relationship < 4)) here?

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um, i am confused, do you have different variables for friendly and romantic interactions? Because if so you would just ${variable} to display the variable value

Friendly: ${john_friendly}
Romance: ${john_romance}

unless I am misreading your post.

Yeah I do! It’s that simple??

yup, just stick it in side the ${} and it will print the value of the variable.

bonus: hit ctrl + d if your using CSIDE and you want to be a pro.

oh dang leave it to me to overthink it. LORD. thank you!

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Question resolved!