Rejected Game Ideas

Face it. We don’t always stick with our first idea. What kind of things, did you have in mind at first for a story, but never did? Either they were in further reflection just silly or wouldn’t have worked for a COG/HG game title. I’m just going to state some of them so people can know the things that I could have done, but never did.

Rejected pile(But I may still one day pick these up):

50 Million Years To Make Magic: A prehistoric setting, but with the twist of orcs and elves. Jurassic period versions well before they became the way we knew of them in the mediveal period. Ancient dragons that would be embarrassed by what their ancestors turned into, bigger demons with sharper teeth. Everything that was dangerous, a whole lot more dangerous than their descendants could imagine. I still feel this idea could actually be good, but I will put a pin in doing my other stuff before reviewing it again.

Rock The House:Golem Boxing!: A story about wizards controlling epic battle golems to brawl in arenas. Necromancers using undead monsters to fight on their behalf, summoners using demons to win battles…but the monsters they control may feel like they deserve stardom more than the people simply pointing them in direction of battle…I will maintain that this would have been in fact, awesome. And really want to do this one at some point if I ever get my current projects done.

What may be turned into a story:

What Remains Ever After: In fact, I already have began on it. I just didn’t feel this one would work with the format of an HG. It would be better as a novel. Essentially, a town of undead where an exorcist wanders in to either purify the dead once and for all, or join them in their immortality. As long as the source of their curse isn’t destroyed, they can’t truly die. But not everyone wants to live forever. But not everyone wants to give up living forever. There’s no way for the two sides to resolve. Only one can get what they want.

Ronin Queen Natsuko: A badass ronnin girl wandering around, sort of in the vein of Ruroni Kenshin if he was more willing to resort to violence. Something like Samurai Champloo, I imagine. I actually probably will try making this into a story, possibly on wattpad. My biggest issue would have been that I probably would be genderlocking the mc instead of leaving it to the reader, which is why I didn’t go with this one.

So, there are a few of the balls I had in my hands before and didn’t run with. I wonder if anyone else had something they initially wanted to do and then ultimately decided against?

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