Regrets of the Traitor (WIP) (Updated: 28/01/19)



Sounds intriguing enough. Good luck.


I like the sound of that.


I’m just loving this story right now can’t wait for more


I got this bug.


That is supposed to be there. That’s when the demo cuts off currently as I am attempting to rewrite the prologue. I’ll go and fix it though so it ends where it’s supposed to (which is only a few lines at the moment.).


Okay Update:
The rewrite of the prologue is… getting there. I find myself having trouble writing it, perhaps because of executive dysfunction, perhaps because I’m just being picky on wording. I can’t seem to tell anymore.

As for the remainder of the chapter that… is also getting there. I’ve decided to update in increments instead of updating once a chapter is finished, so as to not burn myself out, and so my current state of affairs is just tired. The next update will probably be not too far in the future as I am planning on updating once I get to the first choice that branches paths somewhat. While not necessarily major, the choice is a driving aspect of which characters you meet first so that will take a solid minute.

Just thought I’d mention this so I don’t die in about a week and realise that I have made no progress because I’m lazy or something. See you when I see you, I guess.


Variables line 1143: expected choice body


I am aware of this, it will be fixed shortly


Hey, it’s me, yah boi, Senor Nitpick, back with another Nitpicky commentary.


I think this should be deer and not dear.


Earned instead of earnt.

That’s pretty much it from grammar.

And I’m sure you’ve already seen this and you’re fixing it, but thanks alot for including half-orcs. Such an underrepresented race, and tbh one of the strongest reasons for me checking this game out. Seems great so far :+1:t5:


Thank you for pointing everything out, every word tends to blend into one after a while :slight_smile:

I love half-orcs and orcs in general tbh, not sure why, maybe I just like the idea of being tall as an incredibly short person ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Edit: Actually now that I think about it, why pronounciation instead of pronunciation. I haven’t heard it being said that way often, though that may just be a case of language being different in another location.


@ExquisitePumpkin You’re right: the correct way is pronunciation. Pronounciation would not be correct. :slight_smile:


Okay thanks. Thought so, but sometimes that kind of stuff just sneaks up on you.


Same and was my first choice


Interesting premise. It’s a different approach that’s for sure. I’m dying to know what led to the uprising. And how in the fuck we pulled it off in the throne room. Really looking forward for more.

This popped up on me


Oh, I have plans for that.

Yep, I am aware of that and it should be fixed right around now.

Okay so, another update! I have continued the story and added new choices, as well as making changes to the dream sequence. Unfortunately, the edited prologue isn’t quite finished yet, however, I am still writing it because apparently rewriting something makes me want to puke. But I cut it off at a branching of choices and changes the order in which you meet certain characters, and I’ll be working on that from today.



That should be fixed now


‘though I am a woman, many would look upon me and see a woman’?


wow, forgot to change that. It should be fixed now.