Regrets of the Traitor (WIP) (Updated: 25/05/2020)

Aww…what a cliffhanger, you stopped just before we could get down to Arke. :sweat_smile:


Well, considering I realised belatedly how long it had been since my last update I figured I should maybe actually update for once in my life. No worries though, the next update should come soon.


Man, I just love Spotter so much :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Just here to say very excited for this. Your characters are quite easy to get attached to. I also can’t overstate how much I adore a slow burn. I hope everything in life falls in line for you :crossed_fingers:


I chose to go to the dungeon alone but right after Arke says that cryptic line, Spotter is suddenly telling me to go rest. Is that supposed to happen or is that a bug?

  #I thought... Maybe things could be different.
    *set emotional +5
    *set apathetic -5
    *set regret +1
    You knew that it was probably a long shot to just make up; say you're sorry for everything you put him through, but you wanted to try. And this is your
    *goto scn05
    He was always mild-mannered and polite at the best of times, perhaps a bit naive, you didn't expect him to come after you with such intensity. He's changed now, and you
    don't think it's for the better.
    *goto scn05

There’s either an option missing, or an extra *goto.

*if (apathetic < 50)
  But you are above such trivialities and superstition. It doesn’t bother you.
*if (emotional < 50)
  And even you must suppress a shiver as you stare into those glowing eyes cast upon you with suspicion and judgement.

I think those should be > signs instead?

*if (enchanters < 4)
  *set enchant_stay true

And this one as well?

Spotter hesitates once more before giving you a concerned look, “Please take care of yourself. Take a rest or…” They shake their head as if clearing it of lingering thoughts.
*if (spotter_training)
  “I’ll be training tomorrow morning if you need me at all.”
Another beat, and they slowly incline their head, “Good night, ${master}.” With a somberness you haven’t come to expect of them, Spotter takes a step back before spinning on their heel to scamper off to their next destination. Something was definitely wrong there, but you simply don’t have the energy to find out what.

This isn’t indented, and shows even if you didn’t bring Spotter.


Love this, I’m hooked.

I especially liked how we had a broad range of opinions and responses to choose from.
Had a lot of fun trying to be a pragmatic apathetic villain just trying to run their kingdom in peace.

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Okay it was a bug and should be fixed now. Thanks for telling me.

@The_Lady_Luck Yep, all that should also be fixed as well thanks.

@sljzz I’m happy you’ve enjoyed it thus far and hope you continue to do so :slight_smile:

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Got an error when selecting the fourth option during the interrogation.

That should be fixed now.

Aaaa, this is such a cool story so far! I really appreciate the opportunity to play as a half-orc, which is one of my favorite DND races, and I love the various ways you can play the MC (my personal favorite is a villain who doesn’t quite want to be doing this but feels they must and you write that balance so well!) Can’t wait to see more! :smiley:

Howdy! I was and still am stoked bout the update! I’ve been enjoying it so far but I came across this here bug.

Nasty little bug eh?
Anywho I just wanna say how much I adore this story, I never struggle to find a choice that I feel fits my character. See ya around, stay Coo!

Oof I thought I’d ironed out all the issues but it should be fixed now. I’m glad you find the choices given appropriate for the character you are playing :slight_smile:

@mooshkabunny I agree half-orcs are definitely one of my favourite races to play just in general and I’ve always been disappointed to find that they’re not usually playable races. I’m thrilled you enjoy my writing thus far and hope you will continue to provide feedback.


As far as half-breeds go I like half-elves best, best of both worlds, in theory (in practice often sort of discriminated against, including in this setting) and super-cute.

However apart from finally meeting Arke (again) I’m still curious what made a significant enough minority of the nobles and other notable people throw in or even back a no-name half-elf (and in another reality even possibly a half-orc )“adventurer” kid over their oh so glorious previous queens?

Or Spotter wanting to keep my mc away from Arke, which would probably be wise if he’s thinking of the good of the realm but my mc kinda wants to see Arke real bad, I mean he used to be head over heels in love/lust with the guy and even now part of him still is.

Just an immersion thing but in the Arke scene if we decide to be evil could mage mc use magical fire instead of a torch too?

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Any reason for that Arke option during the interrogation scene being greyed out?

That’s valid honestly. Though I must admit to an automatic liking to any race that isn’t human just in general so there isn’t much to say on that front.

To answer your question without spoiling too much, in some cases it’s fear, in other’s it’s simply a case of not wanting to rock the boat. While some nobles do actively hold hatred for the MC, mostly they’re content with the new status quo as it doesn’t exactly keep them from doing their noble-like things in life. Nobles have never been known for revolt in Hadaria, as they are an indolent lot. At most they’ll just complain an awful lot which, I must add, will become quite evident. There will be more on that later down the road.

You are absolutely correct and I will add that in future. That is something I completely overlooked but I’ll put it in future updates.

If you’re talking about the one where you can choose your feelings over Arke, it’s because Arke is only interested in men and I could think of no other alternative at the time of writing it. While i didn’t want to hide the choice, I didn’t want to make it an option for female or nb mc’s only for them to find out later that their feelings couldn’t be reciprocated.


My dreams…crushed :sob: Oh well. At least it saved me the angst of that path.


Thanks. As for my mc Arke sure knows how to push his buttons, but he doesn’t actually go through with the fire torture, although as I said Arke apparently still knowing how to push mc’s buttons did manage to bring my mc quite close to the brink. So good scene overall.

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Aand I just realised it’s been five months since I last updated anything. This isn’t ideal, I am well aware, and though I’d like to show up with one immediately I am afraid I can’t. I am working on it right now but it may be a little bit longer until any kind of word on this.


Is arke a ro ? I wanted to hug them option but it remains faded …hmmm I play as a female if that has anything to do with it …ohh he’s only interested in men…oh well I have my hot doctor