Regrets of the Traitor (WIP) (Updated: 10/02/2020)

Aand I just realised it’s been five months since I last updated anything. This isn’t ideal, I am well aware, and though I’d like to show up with one immediately I am afraid I can’t. I am working on it right now but it may be a little bit longer until any kind of word on this.


Is arke a ro ? I wanted to hug them option but it remains faded …hmmm I play as a female if that has anything to do with it …ohh he’s only interested in men…oh well I have my hot doctor


Yeah sorry about that but Arke is only available to male MCs.


You gave me spotter and those curls :smile: I like herron as well


I’m so glad tumblr recommends COG wips with tumblrs. I might’ve never found this gem otherwise, wonderful writing!


And I’ve finally updated. After months. I’m so sorry about that, thank you for your patience!

Chapter three is now complete. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit a much simpler time.

What's changed
  • Added information to the glossary – primarily about the gods and some other little bits

  • The text for choosing to be a transitioned trans person has changed – I wasn’t happy with it the first time and I finally got around to it.

  • General typo fixes, etc

  • MC will now get to define their sexual and romantic orientation – this does not explicitly lock anyone out of any romances, it will just stop characters MC isn’t interested in from flirting with them unprompted.

  • Once you have a name and gender chosen, the stats screen will have changed a little


Ah, love the update! So exciting :smiley:

However, found an error while trying out every option hehe:


Okay, I gotta ask: why does the whole town seem to hate the mc so much? It can’t be solely on account of the half-elf thing, as that is an optional choice during character creation.
Is it because of the magic? While the mc can of course choose to develop their magical abilities or not we do always seem to have them. :thinking:

Although for mc’s who do develop their magic, like mine, it seems we still don’t have the option to use it in the Arke scene instead of the torch. :disappointed:

Loved the new update tho and while I played my mc as being kinda resigned to the hatred and bullying that noble brat took his perverse “fun” one step too far as my kid mc won’t turn on his crush best friend for the amusement of some noble brat.

As an aside I wonder if that kid’s alluded to and apparently slightly more reasonable older brothers were among the traitors to the queens in the mc’s plot. :thinking:


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What a wonderful WIP! This is a tricky idea to pull off, but the writing is so good that I think it manages to do it very well. I love all the characters so far- Arke is my favorite, I think, because the ex-best friend angst is just too good.


Okay thanks for telling me that is now fixed–or should be fixed as the case may be.

It’s not because of the half-elf thing, and it’s not necessarily because of any magical abilities. If it were Azden probably would have been run out of town. I’m not entirely sure if this will come up later, but essentially the tiny little village in the middle of nowhere is very superstitious. Why they would be in regards to a kid? That will come up later.

Not gonna lie I completely forgot about that. Not anymore, however, as you can now choose to use your own magic in the Arke scene.

Punching him is the only canon choice in the game XD. I make this decision now, because he is a horrible, horrible child whom I hate.


Ahhhhhhhh this is so great! Betrayal is one of those themes I just super love, but I’ve always struggled to write such a thing.

I’m so glad we get to see Arke and MC back when they were young and friends (just makes reading the first two chapters again all the more emotional). And AzdenxWolfe is what I live for now.


Ohh my heart~ Herron is so cute :sob::sparkling_heart:


If you are fish elf Why cant you breath under water in One of the first scenes.

It’s established earlier on that a sea elf MC’s gills have fused and thus can’t breathe underwater.

Oh alright I missed that detail sorry.

This update was everything I wanted, not only do we get to see the dads, I managed to fall even harder for Arke :sweat_drops: childhood friends (to lovers) will be the death of me. Keep up with the good work!


hi hi, found this when I tried getting Severa to intimidate Arke with the torch (and then chickened out because poor arke):

I’m not entirely sure what went wrong there but hopefully that fixed it. Thanks for telling me.