Reflections at Sunset - Write a letter and relax at the sunset (Free/Browser/10 mins)


Reflections at Sunset is my version of a thinking simulator/branching monologue game. Rather than explore dialog choices that have you converse with another character, in Reflections, players reflect on their actual personal thoughts and feelings, culminating with writing a letter to a loved one. Inspired by meditation and psychotherapy, the game is meant to be a safe space for players to express themselves.

After all, there’s probably more drama in our own interior lives than in any fantasy world. Why not explore that?


  • Answer personal questions as yourself, not an avatar
  • Write a physical letter at the end
  • Past players have reflected on their futures, betrayal, and lost loved ones
  • Massively branching story in 10 minutes
  • Featuring: Sunset Maker - Share your reflections as an animated GIF
  • In browser, only 5-10 minutes, free/pay-what-you-want

The game is playable now in browser on (takes only 5-10 minutes):

More details can be found on the game’s website here:

Twitter (game):
Twitter (developer):

Shown at Different Games Toronto, Playcrafting Expos, Play NYC




What a beautiful notion, and what a lovely way to spend five to ten minutes on the internet. I’m glad I found this today; the letter I wrote turned out to be quite cathartic. :slight_smile:

Some thoughts:

  • I like the ambient sounds!

  • The blurry glow around the text irritates my eyes a little bit–I know it’s supposed to be soothing, but makes me feel like I have a smudge on my computer glasses or something. Might just be me, though!

  • It would be nice if the image of the sunset stayed on the screen while you continue answering questions about it!

  • Can you edit the dialog box to say something other than “The page at [url] says”? It seems a bit jarring and robotic.

  • I really enjoyed the overall tone and feel of the experience, and I liked the animated gif feature at the end!

Hope you find my feedback helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this spot of sunshine (see what I did there? :D) with us!


That’s lovely, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
It’s a shame something in the script for the sunset generator seems to break my browser so I can’t use it, but the program itself ran fine otherwise. I agree with everything that storytellerkim said, apart from the glowy text which personally didn’t bother me.


Thanks so much for your kind words!

On your comments:

That’s the first time that I heard that particular feedback on the blurry glow. I wear glasses too and lots of games make me motion sick/ill, so I try to be conscious of visuals in my games. I could try to turn down the blur in future builds!

Yeah, the sunset seems like it should be there for the first few questions that ask about it. I can address that pretty easily.

Er, the dialog box text is tougher. I’m currently using a built in Twine 2 function for that that abstracts that out, but I might change the dialog boxes to text prompts in a future build if there’s enough demand for it.

So glad you enjoyed the game! :smiley:

So far the reception to the game has been positive but small. I’ve kinda been ready to move onto my next project. At this point, unless the game starts to take off, it might be some time before I decide to implement the changes I’ve mentioned.

I will say I do enjoy the feedback I get from you and the rest of my players, everyone’s so pleasant :smiley: Thanks!


Thanks so much!

Hm… The sunset generator did come in later into the development process so I was worried there would be bugs for it. This would be above and beyond the call, so I dunno if you’d be willing and able to try to send me a screenshot of the debug logs in your browser for when the sunset generator breaks (Chrome Dev tools for Google Chrome, Firefox Developer tools for Firefox). If that’s too much, no worries!