Reddit Blackout2015


Discusion thread. I hope you google-fu is up to task


If you wish to discuss this then please update the first post to contain more information, and possibly your own opinions.


If anyone would like the information, here is my basic understanding of it:

Former Admin /u/chooter, also known as Victoria was fired without any reasons(so far). She was one of the more active mod/admin and helped organize AMAs(AMA is basically where certain people come to answer questions from fans). /r/IAmA went private(Meaning it went down, so redditors could not view the subreddit), as /r/IAmA depended on Victoria for organizing and communication between reddit and whomever was being asked the questions.

This led to a domino effect, with other subreddits also going private. Many of these subreddits were defaults such as /r/WTF, /r/Art, /r/DIY, /r/Books, /r/gaming, /r/pics, /r/TIL and etc. Even subbreddits that were smaller in size contributed. This is important as many of reddits traffic depend on these subreddits. More than 200+ subreddits went private to protest against the Reddit Admins.
Please note that many of these subs are no longer private

The whole protest was intended for the Admins and their lack of communication to the mods & users of Reddit. The Admins lack of communication added to the outrage of the users of Reddit, because recently a few weeks ago Reddit Admins also decided to banned a few subreddits /r/FatPeopleHate, /r/Transfgs, /r/Neofg, and /r/sh*tn*****ssay. /r/FatPeopleHate was a fairly large subbreddit with over 150k+ subscribers, so many felt as if banning /r/FPH was an infringement on their freedom of speech.
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Another reason is many of the user’s hate for the CEOof Reddit, Ellen Pao. There is a ton of controversies surrounding her. Unfortunately I do not have as much information on this so I will refrain from talking about it.

If you would like to add onto this, please do! If I have any incorrect information or you would like to elaborate on a section more, I insist!


I’m fine with the racist and unnecessarily rude stuff being banned.

And btw freedom of speech?
Isn’t reddit a privately owned website?
If so then they can do that.
Chances are they agreed to it in the terms of service they didn’t read,

Then again no one reads the terms of service.

But I am against the admin getting fired for no reason.
Inless they give us a good reason then they can protest.

Besides it’s not like the way they are protesting is illegal.


I agree, Reddit is a privately owned website and they have every right to take down what they do not want representing their website. And to clarify, these subreddits (/r/FPH, etc) were not banned for infringement of freedom of speech. Users from those subreddits would harass or brigade other subreddits such as /r/progresspics and /r/skincareaddiction.
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I feel bad for Ellen Pao, as she is the scapegoat for anything bad that happens to Reddit.

The admins have recently spoke out about what is happening. But it feels like they have not addressed any of the main concerns of the blackout. I do feel it is weird that they unexpectedly fired Victoria but I am also waiting as there is always two sides to a story and we aren’t getting the whole piece.


When a California-based corporation fires someone, they normally sign a mutual NDA, in which both parties agree not to disparage each other. So Reddit can’t say why Victoria was fired, and Victoria can’t give her side of the story.

(Remember this?)

Given that she was being fired, (which Reddit execs can’t directly admit,) there was obviously no way to discuss this with their mods first. “Hey everybody, we haven’t told Victoria yet, but we’re going to fire her. Are you cool with that? (Please don’t tell Victoria.)”

But I think the blackout isn’t much about Victoria. Reddit mods do a bunch of free work for Reddit, and they want to be paid for it in respect. When Reddit execs do anything that reminds them that Reddit is controlled by the corporate entity, and not by the mods, it makes the mods feel angry and upset, even humiliated for being duped into doing all of this work for free.

Blacking out random subreddits is a way of lashing out, of expressing their dominance, of trying to take back the feeling of respect.

Reddit execs, in turn, need to pay respect to the mods. Make 'em feel like they own the place as much as possible, precisely because the mods don’t own the place, and they hate remembering that.

Apologize. Ingratiate. Simper. Where it’s necessary to do something mods don’t want, make it a public policy, declared in general terms in advance. Make mods feel like they have “rights,” and don’t mess with their rights.


Ya, I get the distinct feeling that reddit is starting to slowly go the way of a few years back, and I’m pretty the main reason is that to date reddit hasn’t actually been showing a profit, and I’m sure they’re feeling pressure from investors to do so, the CEO in particular. Mind you, she (the CEO) is a terrible person from all indications. I mean, she also fired the dude responsible for reddit secret santa for voicing concerns about management, and a few months ago she fired another employee while he was sick with leukemia.