Red String Murders WIP Update/Demo Thread

Hello there!

The Demo is now available! And many thanks to Rose-Court for helping me get the edit button available for the main thread!

Edits list is available to look through down below. It will also be available on our website to keep track of too.

-Edit list has been updated {4/24/2021 - 11:55 pm (pacific standard time)}

  • I’ve updated the txt files on the demo to see if it will fix the recurrance issue that some of you are having. Please let me know if this is still an issue and I will look into it further. Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of your comments already! We truly appreciate it :slight_smile:


In Red String Murders, you will play as a male detective working along side your partner, Helios Sho, to solve an array of cases that will be introduced in individual chapters/games. This is an LGBTQ+ focused game with the possibility of the leading main characters (yourself and Helios) entering into a romantic relationship.

Your choices matter, so choose carefully as you work to figure out who the culprit is behind each case.

It is 1764, London; but not the London you know from history books. Here, the supernatural is known and live among the general populace. From Vampire Chancellor Qadir Von Lieste, to elven servants of nobility. There are all manner of supernatural beings, but not all are friendly.

In the darkest corner of the city streets, the pieces of the board are moving. The beginning of a dark journey starts in Chapter One: Bloodless.

  • Fantasy Violence
  • Murder - some in later chapters may be brutal
  • Adult Language
  • Adult Romance - Nothing warranting an R rating, but later chapters may contain intimate scenes between the main characters.


You will be playing a gender-locked male Detective in 1764 London. Here, you will scour the scene of murder cases in search of clues to help you figure out who it is that you’ll be taking into custody. Make the wrong arrest, and you will lose the game.

Helios Sho is your partner through all of this and a key player within the game. Throughout, you have the option to talk to him about a variety of things. Or, you can choose to ignore him and focus on the work instead. Depending on your choices with Helios, you can strike up a relationship with him later on in the game and throughout the series.


As a whole, Red String Murders is a large murder mystery series. Planned, there are 10 games that Echo and I will be working on. Here they are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Bloodless
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of the Night
  • Chapter 3: A Ritual of Bones
  • Chapter 4: The Murder of TownHall
  • Chapter 5: The Asylum
  • Chapter 6: A Message in Blood
  • Chapter 7: Playing Dress-Up
  • Chapter 8: Nightmare from Hell
  • Chapter 9: Close to the Heart
  • Chapter 10: (Falling) Into Darkness
  • Word count: 32,233

-Please note that some titles are subject to change later on.
-Also important to note is that the writing is done with British English grammar and spelling.

This project is a first for both Echo and myself and I do realize that 30k is a rather small word count. However, I do hope that the story will still engage and pull in an audience despite this.

Looking For

We would especially love feedback on not just bugs that need fixing, but also any mistakes within the writing. Plot holes. Advice, tips, and general -overall- feedback regarding the game and story as a whole.

As said before, this is our first foray into choices games. We have enjoyed writing this project immensely and cannot wait to share it. Any help at all is greatly appreciated from both of us.


We have a website set up. Some parts are under construction still. Here is the link to that (any feedback on the look, feel, ease of use, and even ideas are more than welcome for the webpage too)

HOME | Red String Murders (

I am also a published writer with Deep Hearts YA and Deep Desires Press and if you are further interested in any of my projects, I can be found on Twitter:

:rainbow_flag:Siryn Sueng​:rainbow_flag: (@Siryn_Sueng) / Twitter


Bloodless (

To do

Please note that some of these may not be put to use. Everything is under consideration.

  • Stream line chapters
  • Find an image that will work for each opening part (part one through four)
  • Addition of more choices particularly for the PC(player character)
  • Fix the mind reading issue {In progress}
  • Possible addition of other romanceable characters
  • Possible addition to pick PC gender
  • Fix the recurrence issue

Finished and updated on the demo as well. Note: Please let us know if the new name system doesn’t work. (I also could not figure out how to put the inputs on the same page. Any help here is greatly appreciated)

  • Create first and last name inputs {COMPLETE 4/20/2021}
  • Found two missing parts for a choice later in the game. Will be working on those to get them out as soon as possible. {COMPLETED 4/20/2021}
  • Add more to the game over scene {COMPLETED 4/20/2021}
  • Fix the shift from second person to first person at the start of game {COMPLETED 4/20/2021}

Thank you so much and we look forward to working on this project more!


Siryn Sueng and Echo


It seems unique, and I’ve bookmarked it for later! Thank you for posting. :smiley:


Hello there!
Quite an interesting premise you got over here. Gotta say I’m eager to try it out.
Question - Will Helios be the only standalone RO in book1/throughout the whole of the series?
Congrats on making it this far and best of luck for the last bit you have left! :beers:


Sounds a interesting premise.

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Sounds interesting check out when demo here

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Oh, this sounds really interesting. So the 10 chapters are all included in this book? Just wondering as you mentioned games in parenthesis.
Also, I think, unless you’re a CoG writer you need a working demo when you open a thread. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve seen mods close threads for this reason.


Thank you for letting me know! I didn’t know this lol :slight_smile: I am hoping to have the last bit done today and a working demo up soon after. But of course, sometimes plans change. If my thread does get closed, that is okay and I completely understand ^.^

Ah yes, the 10 chapters are individual games. I will fix the parenthesis and my wording so it is clear :slight_smile: Thank you again!

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Hi! Thank you so much we are very excited to share it too!

Helios is (unfortunately) the only romance option. As this is our first choice game ever, I will be very honest that during planning for this murder mystery we did hit points of being overwhelmed by how many options and choices we came up with for dialogue, finding clues, talking between Helios and player character, and other NPC dialogues. With all of that, it never came to mind to have another romance option.

That said, I will tuck that away for later use in other projects. I assume having more than one romance option is preferable, and I definitely understand that as a gamer myself. Thank you again!


Sounds interesting. Quick question tough; will we have females RO?

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Hi! Currently the answer to this is no.

I mentioned in a reply to someone else asking about multiple romance options that I would keep this in mind, though. With our demo soon to come out (and as soon as I figure out how to edit my original post… any help here would be great! I seem to be missing that little pencil…), I am hesitant to say for certain that we’ll be adding any new romance options. However, it’s not entirely off the table I don’t think.

Thank you so much for your question though! We can’t wait to share. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, didn’t see it.

Well I hope we will have at least one female Ro. But don’t worry about it tough. I usually read books for the story they tell and your summary is really appealing to me. So good luck! Can’t wait to see the demo ^^.

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Oh no need to be sorry at all :smiley: I’m super happy that you’re interested too ^.^ Thank you so much and I hope to have that demo ready sometime today!


I would assume you didn’t post enough on the forums yet to be allowed to edit the original post of a thread?
As it is, your best bet would be to ask a mod to add it for you, I guess? :thinking:

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That may be it. I haven’t been through the forums all that much and only a handful of times have I posted in regards to script help and things like that in the past.

I will likely be reaching out to a mod for help when the demo is ready. Thank you so much for your help with this small issue lol :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!
Your game seems very cool! Can’t wait to play it!

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Hello everyone! The Demo is here :slight_smile: I’ll go ahead and post it here in this reply while I work on getting an edit button established on my original thread post and once I do, I’ll have the link to the demo where it’s supposed to be ^.^ Thank you everyone and we hope you enjoy!

Bloodless (


I have Not been able to Play a lot, since short after entering your Name, the Game loads in an Infinite Loop, it seems, right after you Join Helios.
But one thing I would like to know. When you sign, it is Not clear what you enter the complete Name, First name or Family Name.
I will Play more when the game loads properly

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Thank you! This is a known issue and I am working on it right now to fix it :slight_smile:

As for the name, I will look into getting it set for a first and last name. Thank you again!

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Hey, congrats on getting your demo out! The premise looks neat and I’m excited to give it a shot.

For now, I’ve run into a crash when I click the continue button at the title screen. Not sure why it would crash there for me and not for others, though. :thinking:


I wonder if it might be due to me. I was editing some of the txt files and uploading them. At least, I hope this is the case. I have fixed the other issue where it ended up on a continue loading loop. This was due to an image not loading correctly (or perhaps the image I wanted to use was too large? Not sure.) In any case, this should be fixed now :slight_smile: