Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (Early WIP) - October 25th, 2018



Should be “brown-ish” and “…child wearing a war helmet”


Should be “… a vast cluster of tents surrounded you”


I couldnt do any thing in this game i had no clue where i go to start cause the library had no books i could never tell the time so i always missed work at the inn and i had no clue how to help people


It didnt let me choose


It will, since it defines where the player starts on the map, in which faction, and what he is and knows. As @Felix_Ronan put it, others might imply you are a wizard, or a politician even.

Much appreciated! Any help is more than welcome, as it indeed will take quite a large amount of time.

Indeed working or cheating are the main ways currently. Upcoming will be hunting, and other activities like it that don’t require a job.

Points taken, will improve for next update :grinning:

Coming in the next update are workplace time reminders that make life easier, and also, if you wanna see the time, it should be in the stats screen now.

Yes, since the others are not done yet. They will be though in future updates :grin: