Recuiting drive for


Well i’ve become an admin on a role play site with only a small population of five or six dedicated members. Anyway i’m trying to expand the sites members by making it available to anyone who might be interested. The site is dedicated to whatever Role Playing scenarios you can come up with. It’s a very welcoming community oriented site. Private Roleplaying groups are allowed, although there currently aren’t any so if you choose to join be aware that any Role playing games in the current games category, are currently open to all members. Other than that please be aware we do not allow insults directed at other members. I have only had to ban one person and that was for insulting other members. But back to my original point if you’re interested please feel free to register we always appreciate new members.


insulting people is extremely easy to do. Just by having a different opinion, there’s a high chance someone will be insulted.


It’s obviously not your fault if someone feels insulted due to your opinion, and no one has a wish to censor such thing. But you also need to maintain a level of courtesy when addressing other members. Meaning in the case of me banning someone, I banned them for telling other members things such as “f*** you” or “f*** this RP it looks boring anyway” when asked if they could rewrite their character to comply with to rules of the particular Role Playing game that was being set up. So I Suppose what i’m trying to say is if another member simply feels insulted by your opinion that’s fine. If you’re blatantly and explicitly degrading and insulting other members, then that is not acceptable. I hope this addressed any concerns you may have had.


To be honest, I have seen this site before but I must admit that it does not feel all that welcoming.

I am probably wrong, It is probably a really friendly site but it does not give off a great vibe to me.

Sorry. :slight_smile:


gotcha, at least that I can understand more.


What do you think we can do to make it feel more welcoming? I’m always open to suggestions, no need to apologize for feedback.


I think you are already making it more welcoming, With the recruitment drive.

One of the reasons it did not feel that welcoming was the lack of people.

Thanks for asking for my feedback and such. :smiley:


Thank you, we have doubled our members since last year (doubling three people is still like six people but still lol) . I should also mention you can now register yourself without needing ad administrator to register you, however your first three posts will still need to be approved, it’s how we keep the site free of spambots.


Wll just about everybody here is from the US so yeah, timezones, roleplaying won’t work for me.


My apologies, but i’m not certain i can help with that