Recon (WIP)


You just lead your normal life as it alway was but then the CIA came to get you, what? Why would they want me?
They take you to a secret base in the middle of the desert in Nevada, well “in” more underneath.
There you meet the Recon team, worlds best soldiers united. So why did they brought you here? To become part of Recon to hunt down terrorists and other dangerous people so you can kill them! Doesn’t that sound fun?
(((///|||\\\)))cia classified(((///|||\\\)))

I will start writing today and what i already got then (don’t expect much maby one/two pages) i will post towmorow maby!?

-Porter your famous forum void assassin-


Question, how come some people post threads before they even work on the game? I never got that


@2Ton i really don’t know…


Maybe threads help inspire them to start working on the game? Maybe they like the idea of people cheering them on going MAKE THE GAME!!! Maybe it helps to have something to keep track of things?

I’ve no idea either.


Oh… I’ll go get the pompoms. Go PORTER!!!


Please put in options to blow up stuff.

Blowing stuff up is fun.


@2Ton @P0RT3R

people post ideas prior to working on the game so they can see if people would actually play it. and see what people think of the idea.


I want to be GI JOE! WHEEEE! There is one called Joe, right? He’s the hero?

Or failing that Team America! World Police! Can I use my mighty powers of acting?


Team America! F*ck YAH! coming to save the mutha f*ckin’ Day YAAH!


Everybody knows that GI Joe isn’t real. Don’t you mean the GI Bill? :stuck_out_tongue:


Or GI jose


Yeeh im done with a small part of writing!


Looking forwards to this, it’s something different and you have my support! :smiley:


Sup peoples here is the first few pages of Recon, P0Rt3R wanted me to post them after I was done coding.


That seems slightly like the begining of Iron man… The part with the humvees


@Greenwolf i really didn’t notice that

And again the Recon logo messed up :expressionless:
Im not going to do that again


But was it just me? Or does the part with the Humvees really do seem similar?


@Greenwolf It seems slightly similar


How does everyone think about the game already


A tad short, but I think it could be quite fun!