Recommended games


hey I was just wondering what games you recommend I play (or read!) and if anyone could give me any info on these three games that would be great! since these are the only ones I’ve read so far.

  1. Community College Hero 2
  2. Way Walkers 3
  3. Hero’s rise: redemption season 2


Hullo there! There are several forum threads with game recommendations, and a search with the little magnifying glass in the corner would probably turn up a few more.


ok thanks, I really hope I find something that I can enjoy without the character relationships getting too…intense which kind of leaves me in an awkward blushing situation (T_T) but still at least they are still good books/games so I can sort of get over with it.

  1. The CCH 2 might be released on december. There will be 3 paths, the one where you will get your dad’s armor, the path where you will get a Zenith power and the path where you will study the weaknesses of the Dozen and will help your teammates evolve their power.

2)WW3 writer said he will release it when it is done.

3)There is no information on this game.


thanks, I’m just really exited when they eventually come out