Recommendations for lighter, funnier CoG/HG titles?


Hi! A little introduction, first. Unlike it seems most people here, I am not currently creating a choicescript game. I’d like to, someday, but it’s hard to find the time, drive and inspiration, especially when I’m already doing other creative projects… Besides that, I’m not that used to … just… prose writing. I’m more of a visual artist, really, and in fact have been updating a webcomic for over ten years - which is a big part of the reason I’m hesitant to start writing an interactive fiction game on top of it.

Anyway, I’ve only recently gotten into these games (though I read ALL the CYOA gamebooks in my youth) and have played a handful. But since Steam is having a (!!) sale right now, I thought I’d expand my collection a bit - which brings me to the actual point of this post. If you’ve read my comic at all (and not just the last few pages), you know I lean toward lighter fare. I was wondering if you more CoG-read users had any titles along those lines to recommend. Maybe not straight-up comedy (though sure, why not), but certainly light-hearted quirky, fun adventures.

Thanks in advance!


Well . . . it isn’t on Steam yet, but I really, really liked Choice of the Star Captain. The page’s promo summary captures the tone of the game very well, and I found the game wonderfully hilarious.

It’s funny without being dark, which much as I appreciate a good dose of E. A. Poe, sometimes I do want something lighthearted. And some of the characters are very memorable.


Thanks, I’ll have to look into that one!

I have to say, I saw your WIP thread for Fantasy Foods Ltd. and that looks really interesting too! :smiley:


Choice of the Dragon is both funny and free.

Psy High also has elements of what you want - it’s not a comedy, but it takes high school so seriously that I can’t help but giggle at it a bit, and it’s lighter than most


Diabolical is on Steam, and I remember it being a light, fun read.


Have you tried checking out the WiP’s? The Burden is a good, funny one (although it may have stopped being working on)

Almost all COG’s/HG’s have some humour and stuff in them, but they rarely have it consistently throughout- but I attribute this to the use of their works to earn a bit o’ coin, rather than make it purely as a hobby.

Despite this, @jeantown has written a WiP called Guinevere, an Arthurian legend with a different PoV, with some carroty double-ententes, sheep tearing your clothes off and a overall stupidly optimistic ally.


Sixth Grade Detective made me laugh at times, but I’m not sure what platforms it’s in yet. Um, checking out WiP’s is always a good idea. I like Fantasy Foods by @Fiogan.


Another enthusiastic vote for Star Captain. And both of Gavin Inglis’ games (Eerie Estate Agent, which now has some different name like Haunted House For Rent, and Neighbourhood Necromancer) are funny and well-written.


Also "So, You’re Possessed!’ is pretty light-hearted until near the end, and even then it’s not that heavy.


I second the vote for **Haunted House: For Ren**t - as it doesn’t submerge the reader in weighty tropes. It’s a light horror comedy. It doesn’t smack you at the beginning that it’s a comedy, but the humor is witty and very well done.


A game that can be taken both lightly and serious is: Creatures Such as We. If you read it lightly you get an enjoyable romp on the moon, if you read it seriously, it can have multiple layers to it.

It was well worth reading multiple times in different moods.


To the City of the Clouds and Diabolical are both on the funnier side, I second For Rent: Haunted House.


Thank you for all the suggestions! I will definitely be checking out many of them.

Not so much on Steam, though, as I sadly find most of the titles mentioned are not on there. I hadn’t yet realized the CoG selection was so small on my platform of choice… Sadness. Well, there are other platforms!