Reboot of the CoB website


Still working on stuff for next years comp but feel it is time to start working on retooling the web site. As many of you know the site was hacked several times and I burned out rebuilding it. Now that I am ready to tackle this again I ponder if there is a real need for this site. We have many good resources for CoG and I could see where I could beef up training and video on the site but to be honest my time is very limited and would not be able to devote the time needed to get it where I think it needs to be.

Unless there is a great out pouring of need for the site, or someone really has the time to devote to it I may just set it up for the CScomp and other if comps listings as well.

All thoughts are welcome. Thanks :smile:


I’d definitely say don’t get rid of the content that still works, like the tutorials and links to CS resources. Maybe others can weigh in on the value of the more labor-intensive parts to create/maintain.


I’m going to second what HoraceTorys said above, and say keep the site’s content, it’s a good thing to have a resource hub for things especially seeing as topics tend to get buried in a forum after a while, and as far as I know, there’s no real one thing like that for CS, even the wiki doesn’t have everything. I’m no security expert or penetration tester, but I don’t mind helping out with what I do know, what specific kind of things did you have in mind that you wanted to beef up training and other things on?


I solved the hacking problems but a lot of content was sadly lost. I would have to gather up all new material and i would love to add video tutorials as well but I do not have the time to devote to something like this. Right now what I have on the site is all I have in the way of materials.

If someone wants to take the lead putting the material together I would find the time to put it up on the site. Also The wips section is in google sheets I can give someone access to it if they want to take the time to track all the current wips. The site use to have wonderful documentation done by many members here on the site, but I did not backup when I first started it so most are gone. :frowning:


Actually, I can probably put together a script to automatically (or when triggered by button press) fetch a list of all topics in the Wip section of the forum if you’d like, it shouldn’t be that complicated actually, seeing as Disqus has pretty good API documentation. Are you using a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress for the site?


Part of the problem I had with hacking of the site was while using wordpress, maybe due to the site does not have enough security built into the server but i have always gone through ipage as I pay three years at a time and its a fair price. I do this all out of my own pocket so have to limit my expenses. There are better sites but for the price I staying put., plus a ton of spam that I did not have the time to deal with. So it is strictly HTML right now. I love wordpress but again huge problem with spammers with it.


I gotcha, well as long as you’ve php installed, I can help out in that department without much issue. I asked if you were using a CMS to see if you’d need stuff hooked into that so you can edit it easier, but an HTML site has it’s advantages, it’s alot lighter and faster, that’s for sure.


Umm…this is actually my job description! I do eLearning and video tutorials. Let me know if you want to work on something related to this.


Wow! Could you actually dome some video tutorials for choicescript? I think that would help some people so much.


Haha sure, I didn’t really know it was in demand. Let me refresh my ChoiceScript knowledge and see what I can do.



The aspect I found toughest, and which I’d have loved a video tutorial on was the very, very basic things. I was seriously stuck with choicescript until I read CS_Closet’s tutorial. It’s a little outdated now, but that level of simplicity was absolutely vital for me when I began and it managed to achieve what none of the other tutorials did. It showed me in super-simple, uncomplicated terms, with pictures, what I needed to do, guiding me through it step by step, and reassuring me I didn’t have to worry about the mass of files in the folder.

So for me, a video tutorial on how to download the files, how to unzip, what folder I needed to navigate, then what file to click to make the game run, and also what folder I need to put game files in. And basics on using a text-editor in order to edit those files. And stuff about setting the game up in startup, and also the stats screen. That would have all been vital.

How to test the game to make sure it works.

And also how to then put your game up on the web so others can play it.

Really, really basic things on how to get started. For me it wasn’t even needing to know how to code in choicescript, it was just the getting started with everything else.


I’d love a master list of all the tutorials and places people can go to for help with choicescript. From hosting, to the wiki, to important forum threads, CJW’s tools, and that programme you can use for choicescript, and all those tutorials we have. Which is to say you’ve got some good links on the site. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of CoB in theory. But ugh it’s so much work. :slight_smile: And that hacking was annoying.


I think I’ll start a thread soon asking what else people think would be helpful in a video format, but this is a good list to begin with. I have seen lots of people confused with zipping, unzipping, compiling, etc.

One of the things I personally don’t understand is web hosting, I mean, I guess you would “just upload” your entire folder and then the game would function like a regular ChoiceScript game, with pictures & cookies to save your progress, but all I ever do is compile my games so they run in one .html file, which seems to be the most popular way to deal with WIPs (besides CoB and DashingDan, who sometimes upload the whole file structure).


Video tutorials have been on my list for a long time but just mot able to be home enough to tackle them.


Time is the one thing I never have enough of…hah


Perhaps more changes in the design? The website always looked kinda bare bones to me, no offense of course.

Also on an unrelated note, every time I see the CoB site I think of corn… Thanks @Lordirish. Your attempts to subtley hint to me to purchase corn will not has work.


The site is very bland right now, hench this topic to see if it was worth the effort. Seeing that there is still intrest in it will be working on it here over the next couple of months.

We are looking at having a login, to help fight spam, to allow forum members access to help update WIPs. The login will have to be sperate from here as this is not directly sponsored by CoG.

Anybody that would like to submit articles or video toruials, which we are very much lacking here, just hit me up. Ideas and of course help is very much welcome.


@Malebranche is working the WIPs section, creating a DB for the site. How awesome is that :smile: So I am gathering material and ideas together and should start working on the rebuild here in a week or two. We do need so new articles for the site so if you feel you have something to say, share lessons, or other content lets talk.


I’ll be happy to contribute - we’ll need to talk in depth though. :rose:


Hit me up any time up at night, I may not be able to reply right away but I will see your messages.