Reboot of Ghost in the Library (Section one up)



I have had a few readers reach out asking if I ever plan on picking this project back up. It was three quarters of the way done when I got burned out on the coding It was my first project and had bit off way more then I could chew back then. I have picked the project backup, writing 30 to 45 minutes a day so not fast work but steady. I have kept the story but scrapped most of the code. I am currently five pages into the recode so once I have the 2nd section finished will be uploading a link here.

A little about the game. You run a ghost hunting and removal company, you handle some fairly nasty spirits. You can pick up to a six person team, including yourself, from 13 different NPC’s. Can you stay alive, keep your team from harm, and defeat the evil from within the library?

Section one


I’m glad to see you’re still here, and making a ghost hunting game nonetheless. Sounds awesome; maybe it can fill the void in my soul left over from the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot. God that was awful. You don’t see any ghost hunting CoGs anyways.

Good luck, mate. I’ll be anticipating the demo. :smile:


If I keep on track with section two, were you pick your teammates, proably have a demo up by Thrusday.


So we’re basically the ghostbusters?


Yea but not with proton packs and ghosts traps lol. There will be three types of devices to choose from. Also you will fight with your choice of custom weapons, faith, or wiccan magic.


So more mystical than just sci-fi?


Is based on real world concepts, theories, and beliefs. Is more of a horror game and survival.


Gotcha ya. Sounds interesting.


I liked the original concept and demo so I’m glad your coming back to it :slight_smile:


I never forgot it but dreaded coming back to it lol. Had to clear away a lot of cobwebs. But now that I am back at it looking forward to finishing it.


@Lordirish This is me in real life if I ever encountered any legitimate paranormal activity:


I have had my fair share of encouters, even gone ghost hunting.


Mind telling of your scariest experience during those? If any?


We found and old house and sat in the car talking about going in when the car was lifted off the ground a few inches and then dropped back down. Needless to say we did not go in. :smile:


…Yep. I wouldn’t have gone in, either.


Sounds good never heared this I wasent around for the original draft


It was back in the day when there was only a handful of writers around. :smile:


Sounds awesome!! Though I’m afraid of ghosts, so I’ll probably get really excited to try and then get too scared to finish. :flushed:

(Like the awesome idea of watching Paranormal Activity at my friend’s apparently haunted house…)


I would have done it. Just so I could pretend nothing was wrong and then act like something was behind me and run like hell to scare my friends when there was nothing there.


I use to live in a little town in Colorado. A house that was empty, I went up to it durning the day to mske sure. I would have to walk by it every night amd see lights coming on and off. Would see shadows as if someone was standing in front of a tv. Always gave me the creeps but alway felt better once I got over the bridhe next to the house. One night the house was lite up like a Christmas tree, several shadows were moving around inside. I picked up my pace and thought I would be ok once I got on the bridge.I got halfway across and heavy fog started rolling out from under both sides of the bridge just like in a horror movie. It was a warm night and my foot falls sounded hollow, of course by now the hair on my neck was standing on edge. I made it over the bridge and now thought I was ok. This out on a country road so no street lights. I was walking and suddenly heard foot steps walking beside me. I stopped and so did it. I started and it would start. I finally came to a dead stop and leaned over straing to see whatever might be there. Then it came at me from the bushes quick as can be. Only stopping inches from my noses. I screemed and almost fell over from fright. Then when I realized what it was had a good laugh. A horse had been following me. Regardless after that night I always toook the long walk to work.