Rebirth As Vampire (Early-WIP) WORK-PAUSED


And I quickly drew my MC, at last what I imagine him to look like! xD
Andre Moore, a history nerd and former part time wannabe punk!

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Surely he won’t be a match with mine. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



How cute! :smiley:
No, mine tends to run away, I imagine him doing parcour when he was still human, just so he could escape.

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Hello, everyone!

I’m sorry for saying this but I think it’s better to let you guys know that, I’m delaying the update to wednesday. Since I got only a few times to write and whenever I try to re-write something, I ended up getting more ideas and keeps adding this and that which is actually good, but you know, you’ll need to wait for something good. :grimacing::grimacing:

And another reason is, I’m still not completely understand scripting the stats, so any advice or suggestion you can give will be very helpfull for me!

Once again, sorry for this delay, and thank you for reading this. Stay awesome! :grin:

Just a little bonus, how’s your MC father going to look alike…


I draw it in my school books, lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
And I actually also draw other characters but I have got no time to colorizing it so, yeah, um, next bonus then.

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No prob! Take your time ^^
Sadly I have no clue myself with scripting so no help from my side here ^^°

Oh he looks cool! that Beard xD But I really like the glasses they look great!

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UPDATED V.0.1.1 (11/12/18)

Estimated Update V.0.2: Wed (11/14/18).
What will you find in the next update:

  • Completed Prologue Act. (70% V.0.1.1)
  • Re-writen (Polished) story. (V.0.1.1)
  • Stats screen (Traits, Relationship, Information). (75% V.0.1.1)
  • More.


I have not much time this week, but read over it, and I really like the new additions!
I will write the mistakes down at weekend!



Being turned into a vampire is curse in my opinion the only cool thing about being a vampire is being immortal.



Good luck
:öpüşen kalp:



This looks like it could be a fun game but you really need to watch your use of past/present tense and singular/plural.

Also the jump from friend ringing the doorbell to the “how we met friend” flashback is kinda sudden with no context.



I really like the premise. I play the demo and give you a feedback later



At the first choice if you choose Cat videos on Youtube our wrote yourtube. its without R (if it wasn’t just a typing error)



Hello, everyone!

I’m really sorry to say this, I need to tell you, people, that I am pausing the work of Rebirth As Vampire due to my really tight schedule (School mostly), since at November 28th I’ll facing exams and I don’t have any time to write or even touch my computer, my hands are full with books! :tired_face:

So, sorry for this sad news, I hope I can continue the story as soon as possible, See ya! :kissing_heart:

Or maybe not (I got a lot of interesting idea for another story since I’m not really the type of ‘kind’), but don’t worry, I’ll still continue writting RAV, but for those who have an interesting idea for this game, I’ll give you the ‘current’ script. :disappointed_relieved:


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