(Re)learning ChoiceScript with Implicit Control Flow

Wait, using two returnns, a paragraph break, breaks screen readers? I do that all the time in my own stuff, and it doesn’t seem to break anything. Unfortunately though, from a screen reader perspective, I can’t tell what the whitespace issue looks like exactly, so just to make sure, how should it be formatted to look visually correct?

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It breaks screen reader as interacting with the reader’s “next” or “continue” command would sometimes do nothing (you always want it to do something).

Screenreader reads the screen per “block” and usually, in HTML, each block is an element of the page. A paragraph is an element. A button is an element. When you do double breaks, you make an empty element which the reader can’t read anything in it.

The way to do regular paragraph breaks in CS is to simply do double carriage enter/return.


To @choicehacker and others who were interested in the whitespace experiments I performed: I compiled the results of my test suite into a comprehensive write-up, and made a new thread discussing them, since I’m hoping to keep the current thread focused on ICF discussions.