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Raven’s Flight is a low-fantasy story about ambition, betrayal and love, set in a dystopian future, where truth is more dangerous than any lie.

DEMO (29. 19. 2018)

NOTE: This is a character-driven story.

Tumblr: https://fullyfadingnight.tumblr.com/


  • Play as female, male or non-binary,
  • Decide on your MC’s personality and goals,
  • Form alliances, fall in love or make enemies,
  • Scheme, protect, destroy or be destroyed,
  • Determine the fate of your people.


This is a story about a Society living deep under the earth’s surface, where people are connected together in an enormous mental network.

As one of leaders of your people. the duty to guide and protect your Homeland rests heavily on your shoulders and being the youngest chancellor has certainly not eased your job. With people thirsting both for your power and your favour, it is impossible to tell the enemy from a friend.

One thing is certain - trusting the wrong person will surely bring your end.

Background lore

Centuries ago, nations went to an all-out war. Neighbour fought neighbour. Family killed family. Land was soaked with blood. Water turned red. Millions have fallen. Young. Old. Women. Men. Children. Civilians and soldiers alike.

No-one was safe. Nowhere was safe.

Earth, scarred with explosion and bathed in pollution, grew desolate. More had died. People on every side had to stop fighting, forcefully united against the new enemy – extinction. Leaving piles and piles of bodies behind, survivors retreated deep under the surface, to escape the deadly claws of radiation. Nobody was left unscathed.

In a weird twist of fate, humanity was with unexpected mutation, allowing them to form almost telepathic connections with one another. These bonds later cultivated as the very core of the first Societies.

Faced with the harsh conditions of living under the ground, leaders of the survivors had to make difficult choices and take even more drastic measures.

Yes. In attempt to preserve the human race, they did the unthinkable – they put a price on every life.

From then on, each action had consequences. The bad apples – criminals, rebels, slackers – were slowly rooted out, leaving only model citizens behind.

You are one of the descendants.

Other Characters

Captain B (M/F/NB): the leader of team Beta, who has been at your side almost since forever. Having been granted both B’s loyalty and favour, this captain is prepared to follow your every word. Even if it means dying for your cause. A stark defender of the Society.

Captain A (M/F/NB): the leader of team Alpha and one of the youngest captains in Hunting Division. Considered to be somewhat an enigma with an impressive record, though lacking in the social department. Impossible even for you to read, unless you are ready to dig deeper. [RO]

Three: one of the huntress on team Alpha, known for her love of weaponry and scary efficiency. Sharp as the daggers that she oh so lovingly adores, she is sure to keep you on your toes. [RO]

Nine: one of the hunters on team Alpha. More of a tactician than a fighter, whose perception has developed way beyond the line of normal. His whimsical personality will leave you guessing, until it won’t. [RO]

??? (?): Someone you have yet to meet. Should you go down this path, hardship awaits you. [RO]

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my second-and-a-half CoG. Since this is also my first time writing anything of this scale, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. If there’s anything you’d like to add or ask, feel free to do so. Consider leaving a like, if you enjoyed the demo :wink:

And since I am on the constant hunt for feedback, please consider answering some of the questions below.

  1. What kind of a chancellor will you be playing as?
  2. Who caught your interest?
  3. What would you like to see in the story? (eg. stalking A, teasing B, planning to overthrow your enemies)
  4. What did you like? What could have been done better?

Raven’s Flight is a parallel story to my WIP The Hunter’s Sacrifice with the focus on intrigue, scheming and human relationships (whereas Hunter’s Sacrifice deals more with war, exploration and team dynamics). The two are two sides of the coin, so to speak.

If you played Hunter’s Sacrifice, beware! Raven’s Flight might contain some spoilers.

For now, this is a test project.

Hunter's Sacrifice (Tumblr link is up)
Hunter's Sacrifice (Tumblr link is up)

I like it so far
Also i have a question (its a bit dumb) withHe/she/they ,too, is just a person are we setting B’s gender and MC’s or just one of them?


This is a great idea two story in one cool :grin:


@Aleksa100 Glad you liked it! When choosing the he/she/they you are only choosing B/A’s gender; MC customisation will pop up later :small_airplane: Questions are always welcome!

@howlin_drak I’ve been reading some old posts on writing stories from different perspectives and it sounded like an interesting idea. Plus, it is a wonderful excuse for writing about underhanded tactics and backstabbers!


It’s certainly good to know the other perspective (I played your other WIP The Hunter’s Sacrifice and loved it)


Thank you for your kind words! Hopefully, this WIP will be on par with Hunter’s Sacrifice, since telling the story of both Raven and captain A is something I would really, really like to do well.

Keeping my fingers crossed it will work out. Just in case.


Okay you don’t know how much I was facepalming and low key screaming because it’s in the TITLE how did I not see this

Typos & Stuff


*hunter to grow


*with a decent

*one of the safest areas
*had relayed (perhaps?)
I forgot to mark it, whoops, but also, near the bottom:
*possibly choked

*they had

*with hesitant steps

*such an ill-fated
*one of the huntresses

*one of the brightest minds

Anyways, I’m so excited to see where you go with this!! It’ll be really interesting to play as an RO from another story! Needless to say, you hooked me with the intro once again XD


Instead of being a hunter this time, your a chancellor. Cool. I like how we can play as both sides.


I’m inclined to play as a schemer (that is a word, right?).

Can we plot the downfall of the society?


Forgot to answer this, sorry.

@Illusiveacorn54 Glad you like the idea :slight_smile: Writing both sides is definitely interesting, because of the mismatch of information available to the main character and I have to be careful not to spoil something too soon!

Hidden in plain sight, yes :smiley:

Awesome! I’m pretty excited myself :smiley: to put it mildly

Thank you for the typos! I will fix them after my exams end.

Maybe? There certainly will be a lot of plotting involved, but I imagine that outright sabotage would require specific skills, since you are living in a telepathic society. You can, however, manipulate someone in doing your bidding.

Actually, this story is practically riddled with manipulative characters. Poor Raven.


Forgot to paste it here as well: shiny new tumblr

You are kindly invited to come by drop by, say hi, ask questions and read up on my writing progress :slight_smile: