RATiO: The Seraphica -- LAST UPDATED: 6/22/18 (WIP)



Same as the others, choosing any power results in a missing variable.

Still possible to play via skipping the intro to episode 1, however


@everyone I knew I forgot something. It should be fixed now!

@Sleepyowl Don’t feel bad pointing out errors! That’s the point of play testing and after having to fix so much code I knew there was going to be so much I missed.


Hi there! :slight_smile: I found a bug when trying to select what kind of relationship I had with my step-father: choosing a close relationship resulted in an error (I think non-existent variable) ‘statname.’ Hope that helps, I forgot to take a screenshot of it!


When was this? I did update the startup file so this variable should exist.


Wow I remember first playing this demo two (or maybe early last year?) years ago and being immediately invested in the world you created. It’s so good to see it again and it was fun to replay it. I’m definitely gonna be following this one. Nice to have you back, author :hugs:


I really enjoyed playing the demo, you’ve created a really interesting world and characters, so it will be really fun, and exciting to see you progress. I didn’t come across any errors, or anything, but then again I was very into reading your writing so I could have glossed over any spelling errors, or grammar issues. Great job, honestly.


I love this game with all my :heart_eyes:


Thanks! I try, though I know I’m pretty slow at times. >=O

Thank you! If you find any errors in the future don’t hesitate to point them out, they’re usually pretty quick and easy to squash.

:sparkling_heart: This means so much to me! Take a cheesy, sparkling heart in return.