RATiO: The Seraphica -- LAST UPDATED: 6/22/18 (WIP)



Same as the others, choosing any power results in a missing variable.

Still possible to play via skipping the intro to episode 1, however


@everyone I knew I forgot something. It should be fixed now!

@Sleepyowl Don’t feel bad pointing out errors! That’s the point of play testing and after having to fix so much code I knew there was going to be so much I missed.


Hi there! :slight_smile: I found a bug when trying to select what kind of relationship I had with my step-father: choosing a close relationship resulted in an error (I think non-existent variable) ‘statname.’ Hope that helps, I forgot to take a screenshot of it!


When was this? I did update the startup file so this variable should exist.


Wow I remember first playing this demo two (or maybe early last year?) years ago and being immediately invested in the world you created. It’s so good to see it again and it was fun to replay it. I’m definitely gonna be following this one. Nice to have you back, author :hugs:


I really enjoyed playing the demo, you’ve created a really interesting world and characters, so it will be really fun, and exciting to see you progress. I didn’t come across any errors, or anything, but then again I was very into reading your writing so I could have glossed over any spelling errors, or grammar issues. Great job, honestly.


I love this game with all my :heart_eyes:


Thanks! I try, though I know I’m pretty slow at times. >=O

Thank you! If you find any errors in the future don’t hesitate to point them out, they’re usually pretty quick and easy to squash.

:sparkling_heart: This means so much to me! Take a cheesy, sparkling heart in return.


Bet you never expected me in here, did you? 8)

Honestly though, take any grammar suggestions with a boulder of salt.


There’s a choice here where you get some information before you actually pick, but each line is only one line long. It seems like you could cut out this choice entirely and just include the three directly before making the choice, which would also cut out the ‘you’ll have to pick later’ out of character message. I feel kind of similarly about the stat choice later, which felt like a lot of clicking for minimal text that might be better on a single page.


Unlike with the others, it’s not clear how many of these you get, which seems inconsistent.


TV is probably more accurate - for some reason the periods broke my reading of the line as if they were full stops.

Government Searches for Ways to Kill the supernatural released 2007

Supernatural should be capitalized

In Hunting and Investigating the supernatural news article:
Still people are searching for the business of black market hunters, even more frantic than a year ago.

‘even more frantically’

The city wasn’t too far, only a four-hour drive to the North.

Assuming north is just a direction, no capitol.

any older at the time, as it turns out Sabrina had begged

missing a but as it turned out.


I’m not 100% sure on this one because I clicked next right as it popped up, but I think during the talk with Sabrina it’s missing a space.

you should know Hunter’s have

I think there shouldn’t be a ’ here.

I’m done opening presents.

Technically this is ‘You open I’m done opening presents’. Rewriting to ‘You open nothing, because you’re out of gifts.’ would keep the flow, especially considering what happens after.

After I let Sabrina join me, I felt like I skipped a part. I went straight to guessing what kind of supernatural creature it was, thinking over the evidence. But at this point, I didn’t even know something had happened. I was guessing at creatures, when really it could just be a major confession or something. It felt very abrupt, and I’m not sure if I missed a scene by accident or something. You could probably guess something was going on, but not to the point of possibly guessing a creature. The guess would be that there was a creature at all.

And, a bit later:

Then all at once Nena’s body falls forward. Jamie keeps holding her as she hangs motionless in his arms. Sabrina lets her fall to the ground and backs away.

Both Jamie and Sabrina were standing back slack-jawed during this bit, so I’m not sure when they jumped forward.

Unrelated to the above, but I feel like the ‘next page’ options should have title caps, like ‘Go Home’ rather than ‘Go home’. Would probably look more consistent.

Sarbina and Jamie suspect you have abilities choice.

There’s an option to tell both of them or just Sabrina. Is there supposed to be an option to tell Jamie?

This is the current end of the beta!
at my forum post.
Have a suggestion? Have a complaint? Want to voice your support? Go ahead and give me some feedback

I think the second and third bit are swapped.


Lol. I fixed most of this. Including adding a save function for when I next upload.

I wasn’t originally going to give you the option to tell Jamie alone, but I figured I’d add one in at the end when you’re back home, along with being able to talk to him/her about your feelings (since I need to rework from the second ep anyway, seeing as I forgot to account for Jamie being gay whoops).

The last thing with the end beta is odd, because whenever I test it those are both in the correct spots. Are you playing this on Chrome/on your tablet? Are you singing the forum post link?

That said, I do plan on re-writing a few of the last things in Ep. 1 just because they’re clunky and I forgot a few things. Then it’s back to working on (probably) the longest part of episode 2. The downtime at base. :’ )

Thanks Romi for all the feedback!


I was playing chrome, and hopping right in from the game link at the top. I actually just clicked again, and it runs into the same error.

That said, I should note… is chapter 2 actually released? Because when I got to the end of chapter 1, that was it. There was no option to go into chapter 2, although I can see it on the skip screen now that I look.


Nope and I’ll fix that!

I ended up having to change how I did the link here. For some reason it works on firefox but not Chrome. /shruuug


Got here and it just loaded forever


did the same thing with me


RATIO is great choice game I play this year hope you finish the story


@AnthonyGiovannini @Jeremy_Stumbaugh This should be fixed! Thanks for pointing it out or I may have never caught it. :scream:

@Sino I’ll be honest and say I doubt I’ll finish the game this year, I’m too slow a writer for that, but I appreciate the vote of confidence. :eyes:


yep it works now.cant wait foe episode 2


I really like the writing style the game has, I’m looking forward what RATIO has in store in the future!


What got you to make RATIO


Huh. That’s a toughie. Honestly, I always liked writing and storytelling. I have a deep love for urban fantasy and I thought it’d be interesting to be in a world where supernatural things were known rather than hidden. And because I’d never seen a story like that before, I wanted to make one.

I hope that answers it! :sweat_smile: