Considering the feedbacks about the battle system (thanks moskus4 and will) this is what I am thinking for updates on the combat system:

  • Normal attacks: Just like the attacks you currently have in-game, 2 dice are added to your firepower. The enemy does the same and the results are compared.

  • Special attacks: The enemy is divided (ex. head/torso/limbs), and the player must select where to hit. If you select the right spot you cause damage as your firepower + 5. If not, no damage caused. The enemy will also have special attacks and work the same way.

  • Inventory: Using items like smoke grenade, or first-aid kit. Still need to think about its coding, though.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please share on the comments.



Sorry, I don’t really have any references. However your current plans for attacks seem interesting, so I’ll be looking forward to the update.


from the description it sounds like it influenced from the WIP breach


Sorry for the absence. I’ve had some really busy days these last two weeks but the work on the updates is finally moving ahead. So far some new dialog option were written and an implement to the inventory system was done. One new battle system is still underway. When everything is done I will update the game on Dashingdon and the Link on top.



Everytime you say this I get hyped :joy:


It makes me think of Jurassic park


The new updates are online! Go check it out!


Ooooh I get to choose where to shoot now. Nice!


Quick Update today for bug corrections. Any problems please inform.


We will start the Beta Test reallly soon. If you are interested please reply on this link: