Raptors - Beta Testing (CLOSED)

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for five or six people to assist me on my Game Raptors. I need help to review the grammar and to search for any bugs. Suggestions are always welcome. If you are interested please reply to the topic and I will send you a personal message with the link to the beta version and my email. If you guys need any help with your games as well I’m glad to help.

This game features:
-2 Combat Modes;
-4 Difficulty Levels;
-Third-Person Perspective;
-Post-Apocalyptic Setting.


We got the volunteers for Beta Testing. These are:

@Bathala (Invited due to his great help in the beginning of the project)

Thank you all for your interest. Stay tuned for next updates.



I’m interested in beta testing!

I am interested

This sounds interesting! I would be glad to assist with any grammar mistakes and bug-testing!!

I am veeery interested

I’ll be glad to help

I’m very interested!! :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:

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