RANDOMTEST FAILED too much recursion

I’m getting this error on random test. It’s showing up as infinite *page_break’s . Unfortunately this game is very code heavy. I’m assuming it’s somewhere in this section of code spread over 2 scenes. (I think anyway. Wish random test gave line numbers). I’ve been over and over it but can’t work out where it would have an infinite loop of pagebreaks. Any suggestions please?


*if (coins > 0)

	*if ((traps >= 0) and (traps < 31))	
		*if (thief < 5 )
			To your knowledge, no thieves were able to break into your home this year.
		*if (thief > 4)
			To your dismay, you find that your home has been broken into. 
			*if (thieftype = 1)
				At least they were not as capable as some of their kind, only managing to steal 5% of your treasure.
				*set calcstolen (coins * 0.05)  
			*if (thieftype = 2)
				They were reasonably competent for their kind, managing to steal 15% of your treasure.
				*set calcstolen (coins * 0.15) 
			*if (thieftype = 3)
				In a panic, you find that they were able to make off with almost 30% of your hoard and there is no way to trace them. They must have been skilled at their work indeed. 
				*set calcstolen (coins * 0.30) 

*set coins (coins - calcstolen)
*set totalstolen (calcstolen + totalstolen)	


*if (goblin = "leave")
	*set goblin "leaveend"

*goto_scene years	

(Scene years)

*label summary
*temp modifyfood 0
*temp modifycoins 0
*temp temphealth 0
*temp tempfood 0
*temp foodloss ""

*if (skin = "scales")
	*if (hibernateno = 0)
		*set hibernatefood 100
	*if (hibernateno = 1)
		*set hibernatefood 150
	*if (hibernateno = 2)
		*set hibernatefood 200
	*if (hibernateno = 3)
		*set hibernatefood 250

*if (skin != "scales")
	*if (hibernateno = 0)
		*set hibernatefood 100
	*if (hibernateno = 1)
		*set hibernatefood 150
	*if (hibernateno = 2)
		*set hibernatefood 250
	*if (hibernateno = 3)
		*set hibernatefood 300		

*set foodeaten 0
*set food 0
*set tempfood 0
*set temphealth 0
*set hunt ""
*set treasurehunt ""
*set elementhunt ""
*set securityhunt""
*comment reset each year

*comment survival check for overstayed hibernation times.
*if (hibernate = 6)
	*set health -10
*if (hibernate = 7)
	*set health -10
*if (hibernate > 7)
	*set health -20
*if (health < 1)	
	Lack of rest has taken its toll on your growing body. You've overstayed your time in the waking world, and as a result your health fails. Eventually you find yourself weakened to the point that you can no longer rise and slip into a deep sleep from which you never wake.			
	*goto_scene died
*comment knight check has been moved to summarydragon page and under the hibernate label on this one due to RNG	

*if ((humans >20) and (humans < 41))
	*if (knight = 10)
		*goto_scene knightbattle
*if ((humans > 40) and (humans <61))	
	*if (knight > 7)
		*goto_scene knightbattle
*if ((humans > 60) and (humans <81))	
	*if (knight > 5)
		*goto_scene knightbattle
*if ((humans > 80) and (humans <100))	
	*if (knight > 2)
		*goto_scene knightbattle
*if (humans = 100)
		*goto_scene knightbattle

*if (completedevent1 = "no")
	*if (hibernateno = 0) and (hibernate =4)
		*goto_scene randomevent
*if (completedevent2 = "no")
	*if (hibernateno = 1) and (hibernate =2)
		*goto_scene randomevent
*if (completedevent3 = "no")
	*if (hibernateno = 2) and (hibernate =1)
		*goto_scene randomevent
*if (completedevent4 = "no")
	*if (hibernateno = 3) and (hibernate =3)
		*goto_scene randomevent		
*if (health > 100)
	*set health 100
*if (health < 0)
	*set health 0

*if (health > 84)
	*set healthtxt "and in excellent health"
	*comment 85-100%
*if ((health > 69) and (health < 85))
	*set healthtxt "and in good health"
	*comment 70-84%
*if ((health > 54) and (health < 70))
	*set healthtxt "and in fair health"	
	*comment 55-69%
*if ((health > 39) and (health < 55))
	*set healthtxt "and are weakened"	
	*comment 40-54%	
*if ((health > 24 ) and (health < 40))
	*set healthtxt "and are significantly weakened"	
	*comment 25-39%	
*if ((health > 9) and (health < 26))
	*set healthtxt "and are dangerously unwell"	
	*comment 10-25%	
*if (health < 10)
	*set healthtxt "and are so weak that some days you are barely able to rise"	
	*comment <10%	
*if (humans > 100)
	*set humans 100
*if (humans < 0)
	*set humans 0	
You are currently ${age} years old ${healthtxt}.

RT automatically aborts a test when a run went through a section too many times – I’m assuming that’s what happened here.

If it’s a just a simple, non-critical, game-mechanics subroutine – and you’re surely 100% sure it can pass no matter the combination the players’ stats – you can make RT skips over it using *if not(choice_randomtest).

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That’s just it. I think there is something wrong. There shouldn’t be a way for it to have a recurring page_break issue. I just can’t find where it is :confused:

Thanks for the code, I’m actually not sure if I can use it though. I’ve been trying to pinpoint where the error is, but can’t seem to find it.

Can you write down some text between two page_breaks and then run random test? It’ll narrow things down.

edit: say, “text a” after first page_break and before goto_scene and “text b” after second page_break.

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Thanks @anon8836198 :slight_smile: I was actually doing something similar to your suggestion but was using a goto_scene ending and somehow I’ve managed to break my game even more (whoops). Your suggestion is better, I should’ve used “text a”


Ok, I got the game functioning again and used something a bit less distructive to troubleshoot and think I’ve pinned it down to the two events I have that are currently unwritten scenes, but do have the correct code (I think ) so that they should be working ok. I can fix it for now by disabling those choices, but can anyone see why they would cause a loop? Thanks

This is the code I think is the problem
Scene: Event1

Scene: years

This is what the randomtest looks like with the above

Edit: Oh! I see it now. Only took me a few hours :P. I’ve messed up the completevent numbering.

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If serve you of something your code problem had served me to spot that i was planning something similar in my own code That caused a infinite loop So thanks


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