Randomtest failed "Not a number"

Ok another one. I’ve never seen this error before, can anyone help?

Random test fails on any of the choices which are marked with findhades variable. This is part of a larger choice segment which is very long so I’ve just put in the lines which randomtest is flagging with things like:

Error: line 640: Not a number: Can you suggest how I may convince Hades to release her?

So far I’ve tried changing it from a temp to startup variable, changing the variable value from numerical to letters, switching between = and != , and deleting the choice upstream of these two but nothing seems to help and I’m kind of at a loss as to what it means. The only way I can get it to run is if I don’t change the variable from no to yes (but I need to do that to activate these choices so they’re visible.) actually that doesn’t work. Taking out the choice completely where the findhades variable is reset does let it run, but just removing the variable set does not. You have to completely remove the choice itself. I’ve edited the code to include it as well. The spacing is correct on the first choice, I just can’t get it to look right on the forum.

	#"I'm looking for someone called ${RO}. 
		"We were to be married when ${ROshe}..." you break off at the memory unable to continue, but Hecate intercedes.
		"I know of your quest to find ${RO}. In fact I know much more of your life than you realise."
		"But how, have you spoken to my father?"
		She shakes her head slightly. "I see the God of Light and I rarely speak; especially these days given I spend most of my time down here. No child, I have my own ways of discovering the truths of those who have caught my interest."
			#"How did you know if not from my father?"
				"Ah, have you forgotten who I am? That should be fairly obvious, should it not? Besides, I thought you wished to know of your ${RO}."
				You sit up straighter. "You mean to say you know where they can be found?"
			#"Why would someone like me, interest you?"
				"That is for me to know, I can't give away all my secrets and expect to retain a sense of mystery can I?" She offers you another smile. "Besides, I thought you wished to know about your ${RO}.
				You sit up straighter. "You mean to say you know where they can be found?"
			#"So, can you help me?"
				"Not so fast. I said I know of your story, but retrieving your ${RO} from the underworld is beyond my power to grant even if I wished it."
				"But you know where ${ROshe} is?" you persist. 
		"Yes, that I do," she murmurs. "But it'll do you no good. You cannot just leave the lands of the dead with a shade in tow and expect everything to be alright. You must talk to Hades. He has the final say in such matters."
		*set findhades "yes"
	*if (findhades != "no") #"Then would you consider helping me to find Hades?" 
		"Perhaps, I do not like it when families are torn apart. You do realise though that even if you are able to gain an audience, he may not do as you ask," she replies. "Hades' castle is outside the bounds of my realm. It would not be appropriate for me to travel there uninvited, however I'm of a mind to assist you as far as I can without stepping on other deities toes."
		*goto questions
	*if (findhades != "no") #"Can you suggest how I may convince Hades to release ${ROherhim}?"
		She smiles enigmatically. "That is part of your quest, is it not?"
		As your expression falls, she relents. "Be careful what you say. Do not anger him, not all are as forgiving as I. Also, I know Persephone well, she may be convinced to help you more easily than Hades; however in the end it is he who has the power to release ${RO}."
		*goto questions

Try separating *if and #choice-option on their own lines, as I mentioned on other thread.
On a different note, is it intentional that you don’t put any *goto below *set findhades "yes"?

Thank you @Szaal! I must have misplaced it when I was moving everything around (I was cutting and pasting sections to try and declutter earlier). It now seems to work ok :slight_smile:

Edit: Isn’t that kind of weird it wasn’t a “you can’t fall out of a choice” thing? That’s what it usually says if I haven’t linked it somewhere.

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