Randomtest fail

Hello! My problem is quite annoying.

I’ve finished coding another chapter and am ready to publish it, however before I do that, I wanted to test via random & quicktest whether or not all choices even work.

The quicktest worked perfectly well, however as soon as I put my files into the randomtest, I get the message that one line was visited too often and the test failed.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows if that means that the game is gonna freeze at that particular point or if I should just ignore it?


I would play through it yourself, see if you run into the error. Might just be a randomtest quirk

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hmm, yeah I did that and it seems to freeze there as well :confused:

It sounds like some variable you set in the game sends you into an endless loop at that point of the game, which is something quicktest wouldn’t pick up on, but randomtest does. It has something to do with how quicktest goes through all possible settings for a variable, while randomtest only uses the variable how it’s set in the game itself. Don’t really know how that works in specific either.

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Had the same problem in a game I recently submitted.

Was able to use https://choicescriptdev.fandom.com/wiki/Disable_reuse to fix it.


Does it happen in a hub of some sort that you repeatedly go to?

Can you put up which part of the code is having the problem? Maybe we can review it what’s happening in there. Oh, and the whole error msg too, if you have the time.

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hi!! thank u all so much for trying to help, but @Cecilia_Rosewood is right! I had used the same variable too many times and it kept sending me back to a certain part. thanks again for trying to help though <3


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