Random Fun!


Hi evryone! This is just a fun dicussion that I am creating for the heck of it. We can talk about all the different games, what we like and what we don’t like about them, and basically all things CoG. Comment!!!


What are your three favorite Choice of Games, and three favorite Hosted Games?

Mine are
Choice of the Dragon, Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, and Heroes Rise: The Hero Project

Way Walkers: University, Sabres of Infinity, and Life of a Wizard.


@DJ_CUTY Mine are:

Choice of games: Slammed! Choice of Vamire, and Choice of Vamire 2: The Fall of Memphis

Hosted Games: Way Walkers University, Life of a Wizard, and Zombie Exodus.


I like those, too. I personally didn’t like The Fall of Memphis that much, mainly because it wasn’t very interactive and it seemed rushed. I agree with the rest though:P Zombie Exodus is in 4th place in my favorites for Hosted Games


@DJ_CUTY Yeah, I do kinda agree. Although, i have played Sabers of Infinity a couple dozen times, and I always die before I can finish the game. :((


I do agree that it’s really challenging…I think I died at least 4 times before I finnally got to the end. That’s part of what makes it fun, though. It keeps you on your toes and lets you know that your choices really do matter and you have to think hard about the potential consequences of each one. It also makes you feel smart and worthy when you finally finish the gamebook. But I think @Cataphrak said that he changed it so that there’s less possibility of you dying towards the end.


@DJ_CUTY Good. I have yet to actually complete that game! :smiley:


Dificult?0-o I never die in Sabres Never. Its easy win max charisma lear antari language and be popular with your men i got no soldier skills my men surround me and save me i convince desertors to join me i endhealthier than in the begining a new capitan grade and like sir Mara D´l Jade


It depends…I don’t choose the choice that I think is necessarily the “best”, I choose the options that are nearest to what I myself would have actually done, so it’s more relatable and personal.


@DJ_CUTY Same i do im rp like always charismatic and cunning character, with not great physical strength. And just is the best to win.


Yeah I prefer intelligence and charisma over physical strength.


Yes bards assasin rules with charisma cunning cold minds free agil hands to steal and poison arrows. I´m Mara D´Jade bard poisoner lover 100% pure charming evilness ^^


Sounds like a sociopath…evil and charismatic xD


My favorite Choice of Games are:

Sabres of Infinity, Waywalkers University, Zombie Exodus

Slammed, Choice of Romance, Choice of Broadsides.

P.S - Since I’m currently writing a novel based on mercenaries, it would be nice to see someone write a choice of game about mercenaries. I’m too lazy to learn choicescript and write one myself.


@EarnBoogie why you dont search a coder for your writtings?


Damn 3ds sorry


Choicescript seems hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s just simple logic. I’ve only been coding my gamebook for a couple weeks and I’m pretty good at it already. I would suggest trying to learn it, but if not, you could always collaborate with a coder to make your book into an interactive novel. I’d love to see a choicescript game about mercenaries, too.


@EarnBoogie @DJ_CUTY

I’ve got plans for a merc game after my current game.


Awesome! Do you know when Unnatural should be coming out?


@Nocturnal_Stillness I hope there wouldBe poison and bards!