Raishall: Call of the Abyss (WIP)- Completed, public beta test open

Hi all, just another little update on this project given its been a couple of weeks since the last one. It is almost done! (Yes really this time :D). It looks to be about 74k (although I’m still running a final edit so this may change a little.) All the parts are now written, hopefully de-bugged and 2 out of 3 of the linked stories have been given at least an initial edit for grammar and choices. When I get the final section done I’ll release an update (either privately or publically haven’t quite decided) for anyone who would like to read it. (No updates posted yet sorry! Given the way this game works it’s better to release the rest of the game at once.) I do hope readers like what I’ve done with the second part’s extension where you can go after the target to learn more.

Until then, just a sneak peak at a page from one of the unreleased sections. I posted it over on the November writer’s thread, figured I’d cross post it here for anyone interested . (Under a spoiler tag for anyone who wants it to be a complete surprise :slight_smile: )


Arum reaches out with his mind, stretching to the edge of the veil and calling out through the void. Heat forgotten, body lost, his soul floats in between worlds facing a rippling doorway. Though the archway strongly resembles the disturbed surface of a pool of water, a barrier that should be little hinderance to the creatures beyond; he knew it to be locked tightly from both sides unless you possessed the key.

Shifting forms move in the inky blackness beyond. Nightmarish shapes contort and twist as if made from the darkest of nightmares. Though out of focus he catches flashes of long grasping fingers and snapping rows of needle sharp teeth. They seek to scare him.

“Why have you come mortal?” a bodiless voice whispers through the barrier with the raspy texture of dry leaves being crunched underfoot. “It is dangerous even for one of your ilk to come to this place.”

“The need that drives him must be great.” Another shade chimes in, endless hunger suffusing its words. “What do you want of us? And more importantly what are you willing to give in return?”

The Raishall considers his words carefully. He must be authoritative. Any hint of weakness now would spell doom. Yet it was also wise to remain polite enough not to earn the ire of creatures known for their vindictiveness and memories that stretch into eternity. Calls appealing to compassion or fairness would be of no use here. It must be need verses reward. Clear and precise without without any room for the spectres to twist his words to their own gain.